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  1. So I purchased Daub Pigmento (a set of 72 brushes) and noticed after installing them that there were little icons on the right of each brush, I have no clue as to what they mean... I need enlightment :huh:
  2. You have to have it available for multiple object/shapes, playing with text is a perfect example.
  3. MEB - Having a way to curve multiple objects/shapes would be a nice addition like a mesh of some kind like AP has, I found myself faced with this curve dilemma while trying to modify font characters for a poster to give it some impact with the overall design. Could you have that AD option available for download in the next 5 minutes after you read this? B) JimmyJack - Good tip
  4. 1. Is there a way to move a handle while having multiple objects selected? 2. Is it possible to add multiple strokes to just one shape? The attached file are 3 layers of rectangles with a slight curve, I copy pasted each rectangle on top of each other to create a multi stroke "look" by aligning each rectangle stroke to inside, outside and centre but now if I want to alter the curve with all 3 rectangles selected to alter the curve uniformly, how can I achieve this?
  5. Sweet! It was Friday, end of the week syndrome, happens only to the very best of us ;)
  6. Sorry if I'm not being clear, by an external link I mean having an actual URL pointing to the sample files that I can click via a browser so that my download manager can take over (e.g. http://www.overhere.com/thefile.zip ),clicking on the welcome screen icons within Photo or Designer doesn't allow the download manager to take over since the download manager is browser based I guess, by external I mean "outside" the software's welcome screen, it could be a link from within this forum or wherever the Affinity team wants it to be, am I really that confusing? Lol.
  7. I can forward receipts, I bought Designer & Photo, I may be part of a tiny minority of people with poor downloading capabilities but having a link would save us a lot of grief and I really look forward to being able to see an actual sample. If it's problematic in making such a link public then maybe forward a temporary one to those with proof of purchase?
  8. Folx truly helps me download files and it has helped me pretty good so far, my internet speed can really crawl at times.
  9. I live in an area where my internet connection is intermittent and I have repeatedly tried and tried downloading a sample only to get a timed out download error resulting in the download to start back to zero... Could you please provide an external link to the samples? It would be so much appreciated!
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