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  1. Does ChatGPT know something we don't know? I get a "File not supported" error when trying to open an AVIF file. After reading up on AVIF, I'm at a loss why everyone isn't racing to built-in support for this wonderful new format. When can we expect this to be added to AP2?
  2. Hi, I just updated PUBLISHER 2, and I can't see the content outside the paper (not in preview mode). I'm not sure if I accidentally clicked on some shortcut. Anyway, how can I show this picture again? Thanks!
  3. I'm currently finding that all my basic brushes have some level of opacity no matter what. I was curious if something might be wrong. Here are my settings... I'm on window's 10 using designer version 2.0.4
  4. Hello, i have a question how to CONVERT TEXT IN to SHAPE affinity designer? In Ai is so easy but i am not sure how i can do that in Affinity designer? Here is a link you can see what i mean. I am not sure how i can do that in Affinity Designer?
  5. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong forum, I saw there is a tutorial category but it seems it's more for posting guides than to ask questions. Is there a way to create a continuous glowing effect being emitted from the surface, like shown below with multiple fading layers? I am trying to make the effect have the same volume throughout the front and back without it being visible that they are just multiple flat layers. I can imagine creating the circle as a 3D cylindrical object in another program and then using that as a layer mask but is there a more efficient method? Thank you
  6. Hi guys, I have a question, I am trying to lock my guidelines on the canvas of AD 2 but I seemingly can’t. I press the lock on the settings but it does nothing so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I used to lock them all the time in v1. thanks is advance ps: bring back the trash can button please
  7. I was hopping to duplicate my document so I could do some changes without loosing my original, I the feature seem to be missing from the triple line at the corner or the file. Where is it now? How do I do it now ? Thanks in advance
  8. When I download some asset files and I go click on the file, it brings up a pop up that says I need to download an app from Microsoft store in order to open, but that doesn't work. If I go to Affinity designer and click import asset, it says "unable to import file". What do I do?
  9. Hi! I have a problem best described by an example: I dragged an Afphoto picture of a car into the Publisher. I'd like to use the cutout car layer and another layer with a shadow underneath. But every time I switch the shadow on/off (in the photo persona) it (dis)appears on both inserted instances of the picture. Is there an uncomplicated way how to separate those two instances other than making two different images – one with the car and one with the shadow? Thank you, Stepaan
  10. I'm trying to combine these two curves into one. Optimally, this should result in a sharp point at the intersection. Other programs like Illustrator or Blender solve this problem with a knife tool or similar. I can't find any information about how to do this online. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello, I'm hoping you can help me. I am going to purchase affinity photo so that i can digitise my artwork and have greeting cards and other stationery items made. My question is...am i better to use my macbook pro (2012) with the software or my Dell windows laptop? My dell has a blue light filter/eye comfort coating factory applied to the screen so colours can look duller so i am leaning more towards the macbook but it is a late 2012 model. Would that affect anything? What are your experiences?
  12. On a project im working on, i am making a vector illustration of a Commodore 64 computer. I made the entire keyboard, but i forgot to bake in the rounded edges on the original template key i made, and not i am unable to scale it because the edges will go completely round if i scale down. is there a way that i can select the whole thing and apply the rounded edges? it would be a gratuities process to go through and apply this on each individual key. This is the keyboard at its full size This is what happens when i scale it down. Edit: I feel i should also specify that each individual key is a group and i am looking to apply the corner tool, and for future reference the outline tool ect ect, to the items within the group without having to ungroup everything.
  13. I'm not sure what's causing the issue, but ever since I bought a new PC that runs Windows 11, I have had a plethora of issues with the UI bugging out, usually just from clicking on elements or mousing over them. Does anyone know what could cause these kinds of bugs?
  14. In photoshop, my workflow consists of using adjustment layers, and then masking them in using a froeground to transparent radial gradient. This lets me paint in the different adj. layers in a very natrual looking way, since each stroke addes to the alredy excisting gradient. Is there a Foreground to transparent radial gradient, that lets me build up stroke by stroke, in Affinity photo?
  15. I want to remove the white from this image, I've adjusted the Levels so the whites are completely white & blacks are completely black. I've gone to the selection tab & tried the 'Select sample colour' but i can't find a way to make it work. I've spent the last 3 hours looking at youtube tutorials, FAQ's & forums yet i have no idea what i'm doing right or wrong, please help.
  16. Hello everyone, I have made my decision and switched from Adobe to Affinity. I just bought all three softwares and considering that I'm new to this, I have a quick and simple question. I know this product is a one-time buy and I don't need to buy it again for future updates. But here pops up my question. If Affinity releases like, a new BIG release, let's say Affinity 1.2 similar to how Adobe released Photoshop CS4 after CS3. Do I have to buy it again or after my payment, for eternity I'm getting every update/major update/new version for free from now on? Please, be patient and I'm sorry for my stupidity. I'm kinda lost in this place and I'm trying to get used to it. Until later, long life Affinity. This forum and the software itself is a legit bless. I'm never looking back.
  17. Hello ! My main computer has recently broke down, and my current device is running Windows 10 1511, and doesn't have (Official) support for the affinity suite. I can run Designer 1.6, but anything above 1.7 will show compatibility error on starting the install, which is understandable. Upgrading isn't an option, since there's only 32GB of storage built into the device, and a 64 bit edition of windows will exceed that limit. Is there any way to run Affinity Designer & Publisher past 1.6? Thanks in advance, - rabbithawk256
  18. Hi. I've been searching for so long an app to animate svg files or just simply animate vector grapics ( no need for built-in vector creation ) but i could not find anything but: Adobe animate and SVGator. I really like your products honestly ( even more than Adobe ones, to be honest ), so if you would come up with a brand new app to animate your designs I think it would make lots of money since there are few applications which do this thing. So, Have you ever thought of creating an application of this style?
  19. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before, but I wasn't sure of the relevant terminology, so didn't know what to search for. What would be the best way to divide up a page with diagonal lines or random areas for use with photos or other content that is contained within each of the created sections (see photo). I made this using shapes, but want to be able to contain photos etc within each of the white spaces and am not sure of the best way to achieve these 'standalone' areas. Thank you.
  20. Someone can help? I'd really appreciate! Photoshop: select all layers to be aligned Edit / Auto-Align-Layers Affinity Photo: select all layers to be aligned nothing found... 🤔 Cheers, Roland
  21. Im trying to set a bleed on the ipad version of AD on an Artboard. But everytime i set a bleed nothing happens. I cant see any lines and if i close the bleed menue and open it again it is set to 0mm again. Am i missing something?
  22. Hi. Please, I couldnt find the answer anywhere. What do the different color lines mean on the left hand side of some layers? I found out, orange is probably a symbol layer, but I came across a few others. Thank you.
  23. Hi. Please, is it possible to use and make your own vector brushes. What i need is to take a simple vector object and stretch it across a curve. Is it possible in the Designer? Since I couldn't find a solution, I'm affraid it's not possible. Thank you.
  24. Is there any way you can set a particular object as a default on Affinity Designer for iPad? Here's attached a screenshot of the desktop version to give you what I mean
  25. I do not know where else to ask this since there is no discussion category on the forum, but what if someone mainly use Affinity Designer (don't have access to Photoshop anymore), will there be companies that still accepts those kind of designers, or you really need Adobe Suites in order to even apply the begin with? I ask this, because Affinity Designer is such a powerful tool, and I like it, and I do not have Photoshop even though I used that in the past, but decided to just be done with it. So how would you go about applying for work if you're using a tool that's not "industry standard" per say? Like for example, right now I am looking for work, but when you read the job description per say there is always for designer etc. (Adobe, Illustrator, Coding etc.) so what would you do, if you were applying for a job? PS : In my case I also come from a place where the design community is almost non-existent, and yeah. So right now I am mainly looking at online opportunities (remote working)
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