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  1. Okay, thank you so much for everything, just helped me a lot.
  2. Okay, that worked for me, but if in any future I´d like to change those corners again with the corner tool, what should I do? is there a reverse function?
  3. I´ve done everything with forms instead of the skull, which I did it with the pen tool.
  4. I mean that, the original one is the image that has the "before" tag, and when I try to make it smaller ( proporcionally ), the nose and the eyes sockets they change to the other image. They should maintain the proportions. Sorry if i dont explain myself correctly, if you still dont understand, I´ll make a gif so you can see better. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have just started to use Affinity designer but when I finished the design, i wanted to scale it to make it a bit smaller but everything changed. all the proportions broke. I actually used Shift + alt to scale it proporcioanlly but it did not matter. Should I check an option like in illustrator or something, thank you. Here i leave you an image with the before and after.
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