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  1. The problem is that it does look blurry/jittery on the phone regardless of image size at 100% scale, I'm still unsure of how to fix that. Do you have any other ideas? I don't think I understand what you're saying. I've put the unrasterised lines in different size documents on Designer & Photo, put the effects on it & then tried to export it to the highest/best quality. Are you suggesting that I should start from scratch & redo all the lines on an intended doc size, because i've already done that as well as larger sizes & it's unfortunately been unable to fix anything. Is there anything else you can suggest? Thanks for bearing with me, you guys
  2. What would the solution to your first point be? Just make a larger document? Apologies if i seem dense, I'm still quite new to this
  3. wouldn't you like to know... nah jks, I'm trying to make a series of Phone Wallpapers. I'm not trying to export it as a super large image, you know, it's just a phone wallpaper. I just want it to be high quality enough to not be blurry. I've tried making the document bigger (like x15) yet the blurriness & jitteriness of the lines are still very much prevalent, this size is already more than double the intended size
  4. In Affinity Designer the View Mode is in Pixels, if that's what you mean. For Affinity Photo, I have the 3D & Glow Effect being used and when i export it, regardless of size, the glow becomes pixelated & the lines become jittery. I've tried looking at the export settings & changing them but nothing seems to be working. Is there a way to fix that?
  5. It's something super simple that I think would be really helpful, as I'm making documents of different dimensions I'm constantly changing the dimensions. It'd be cool if we could save a dimension preset so that we could just click a pre-save rather than type it in. Not a big issue just a simple request Thanks, Matt
  6. I saw someone say in a forum that it doesn't matter what zoom you're in, everything's a vector until it's rasterised/exported. I've had this experience in both Designer & Photo, I've exported it at a large sizes & small sizes from different files & softwares and it still exports super blurry. Is there something I can do to make it not so blurry?
  7. This document has a 2280x5000 dimension & the zoom is +500%. The lines have been made in the same document, nothing has been rasterised, can someone please explain what i'm doing wrong as to why it's so pixelated? Thanks, Matt
  8. don't worry, i figured it out. I went to filters, then colours, then erase white paper. i hope this helps someone
  9. I want to remove the white from this image, I've adjusted the Levels so the whites are completely white & blacks are completely black. I've gone to the selection tab & tried the 'Select sample colour' but i can't find a way to make it work. I've spent the last 3 hours looking at youtube tutorials, FAQ's & forums yet i have no idea what i'm doing right or wrong, please help.
  10. When using the selection brush & I begin to refine my chosen photo, the border width even at it's smallest is still too thick for me. I've tried enlarging the document size but it makes it more difficult (blurrier) to adjust the foreground/background. I use this feature daily in my work, it takes me roughly 40 mins to an hour to go through the border & adjust the foreground/background as well as matted areas. Please allow me to have a finer border width, that'll save me 4 - 6 hours a week in my job to be more productive & tryout other features. Other than that this program is really great & completely worth the money i've spent on it. Thanks