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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, When I use Designer V2 - it works fine for sometime (may be an hour or so - can't be exact on this) but then it starts slowing down and everything becomes really laggy. For example, the selection of any object, selection of a new tool from the toolbar by click or by keyboard shortcut, selection of a context menu button takes 3-5 sec or more! The files I am working on are not that heavy, in fact most of them are under 1MB (it uses many gradients and vector brush) but still it lags severely. It seems like the lag is slowly creeping in before becoming noticeable. I reminds me of some earlier version of Designer V1 that had similar lag (which version resolved it I don't remember now) . I am using Designer V2 on Windows 10 V 21H2. (19044.2251) and face no such issue with Designer V1. I have turned off hardware acceleration / Open CL after seeing some other threads on similar (but not exactly same) lag issue - however it hasn't helped. Please let me know if there's a solution that I can try or if it's a known bug when it would be fixed. Thank you.
  2. Recently I noticed that Designer 2.x files with artboards get clipped when placed in another document. The placed image has a correctly sized frame, but its contents are not fully drawn. The clipping occurs on the top and left side of the frame. It doesn’t matter how many artboards you have or in which Affinity app you place your graphic. This problem is most noticeable when the artboard fits tightly around its contents. It is not a display issue, as the exported PDF shows the clipping too. This issue only occurs in Affinity versions 2.0 and 2.1. Version 1.10.6 works as expected. Moreover, a Designer 1.10.6 image placed in a version 2.1 document renders as it should. That’s why I think this is a bug. Note that this isn’t about outside strokes that get clipped off because they overflow the frame. I’m using macOS 12.6.5 and the latest Affinity Publisher (2.1). Workaround: Resize the document to the desired size instead of creating an artboard, as the clipping only occurs with artboards. Steps to reproduce: Create a new document in Designer 2.0 or 2.1. Draw a circle, say 50 mm diameter. Give it a fill. The colour doesn’t matter. Don’t give it a stroke. Select the artboard tool. Choose Selection in the context toolbar and click on Insert Artboard. The artboard size is now 50 x 50mm. Save your document. Open any of the three Affinity apps (version 2.0 or 2.1). Create a new document large enough to fit the circle. Import the circle (File > place…) The circle is clipped on two sides, but the frame itself has the correct size of 50 x 50mm. It would be great if the Affinity team could look into this!
  3. Maybe i'm missing something but what's the reasoning for these fillings? It makes the whole panel seem more cluttered and adds cognitive load.
  4. So I am trying to create a letter with a line laced through it. So I create the letter (let's say A), then I create a path using the pen tool. And then do a divide operation so that I can bring the path or letter to the front with each cut out part. But it divides fine for every cut except for the second cut, where it only creates one part where it is supposed to create 2. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a letter (I used A) using the artistic tool 2. Draw a continuous line using the pen tool, zig zag across the letter 3. Select the line, and then do layer->expand stroke 4. Duplicate the letter 5. Select the duplicated letter layer and the line, click Divide from the boolean operations list I have attached an image of the issue, most of the divisions are correct, except for the selected division which should ideally have one more cut, but dint seem to cut it correct.
  5. Is there no ability to place metadata in artwork for designer V2?
  6. I can't modify embedded PDFs in Designer 2.0.4 and Publisher 2.0.4. Has worked before. Running on an iMac M1. 1) Embed a PDF into a new document 2) Double click embedded pdf to modify 3) Change something. For instance, change color of a line, hide a layer, etc. Nothing actually changes. Also, Find in Layers Panel does nothing. Note in the screenshots how the title should be hidden, and one of the "80"s should be purple. Opening the same PDF directly in Designer instead of embedding works.
  7. A problem I've just discovered. When I export this text as a jpeg or when I rasterise the Warp group the top of the text is cropped. (There's a slight cropping of the bottom too, but it's barely noticeable.) You can see the effect here . . . Here's the Warp group with the Node tool selected (top), the Move tool (middle) and the rasterised result (bottom). Switching the stroke alignment has some influence, but doesn't solve the problem altogether. The stroke is outside and in front; changing this doesn't look how I want it. I can avoid this by reducing the stroke width, but the appearance is 'thin' and is also not to my liking. I could experiment with different fonts, but I particularly want to use this one! And I want to spend my time getting on with the project.
  8. Hey everyone! #AffinityV2 #Windows I have a disturbing bug in a workflow senario that worked well in V1 but there is such a frustration in V2: While having a file at desktop or other folder, I want to quickly open it in an app, so I create some shortcuts on desktop for frequently used programs. When I drag a compatible file on a V1 app, it opens it immediately. While I already manage to create similar shortcuts for V2, unfortunately this is not working. How can someone achieve that same workflow? I am attaching a video capture on what I mean, for convenience reasons: affinity-apps_openwith01.mp4
  9. Since downloading v2.0.4, I am finding disc access to be excruciatingly slow when opening or placing files (and perhaps other operations that I have yet to uncover). This happens with all three Affinity Apps. Finder displays files in the same locations almost instantly, even in a large icon view mode, but it can take 20-30 seconds for Affinity apps to even display filenames when opening or placing files. This happens in Column, List, or Icon view modes. This didn't happen in v2.0.3 on my MacBook Pro and only started with v2.0.4. I consider this a bug because it hampers usability. I'm on OS X Ventura 13.2, 2017 MBP with 15" monitor, and files are on an external 2TB HDD hooked up to my MBP Thunderbolt port. I have plenty of RAM, plenty of free HDD space, etc. Screenshots attached.
  10. All the new V2 apps are installed, however when using Publisher V2, Studiolink between Photo V2 and Designer V2 doesn't work. It always says the below (see screenshot attached). Any ideas what could be causing this?
  11. Hi guys, I have a question, I am trying to lock my guidelines on the canvas of AD 2 but I seemingly can’t. I press the lock on the settings but it does nothing so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. I used to lock them all the time in v1. thanks is advance ps: bring back the trash can button please
  12. I "placed" an image and tried to practice using the knife tool. I'm new at this. Once I dragged the knife tool across the image, the image disappeared completely. Does anybody know where the image went, and how I can see it again? Affinity Designer V2 on Windows 10 PC. Thanks!
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