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  1. That could be Joachim_L. I enlarged the screen and the cursor is directly on the line. It is hard to see. I also noticed that there were two red dots indicating that there was overflow. I expanded the text frame and it was packed with red words (in a different language) and filled the whole page. I didn't put those words in there. When the height of the text box is shorter than the height of the text, no words show, and that's why I thought it was empty. Thanks!
  2. I hopped on here tonight hoping to find a thread going for Affinity Publisher. I don't see one. Prior to this I searched in Affinity Publisher Help to find out how to add text to a text frame. I have left-clicked, left double-clicked, and right clicked into the text frame, and so far have not been able to get the cursor to go into the text frame box so I can type something in there. I put a text frame on a master, and it shows on the other pages. I just can't enter text into the frame. I don't know if it is something on my computer or what. Typing/keyboard is working everywhere else. I tried Reddit, and yes they have one for Publisher, but it wouldn't let me post there even after I joined. I enjoyed Serif Publisher for many years, and never had a problem with something so simple. I used Serif for all of my publishing needs...ebooks, pdf's, product manuals, etc. If anybody has had the same problem and solved it, please let me know!!!! Also let me know if there will be a category for Publisher some day. Thanks!
  3. I was also expecting a link for the update when I opened the programs. I use the Windows version of both. I logged into my account and clicked the 1.7 download links under Downloads and Product Keys section and it worked great for me. I pre-ordered Publisher and can't wait to try it out! In your email, after you say "As usual if you already own Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer you can download the updates right now for free", you should have also provided instructions on how to do it.
  4. I am very new here, but trying to learn. I just cropped a photo in Designer, and now I have an empty (transparent) space on all sides of the photo. How can I change the document size to the same size as the cropped graphic? Thanks!
  5. If I change my desktop theme to the blue windows theme in 7 Affinity works. If I switch back to the theme I like, I get the error message for both Photo and Designer. I guess I'll have to switch themes when I want to use Affinity, or just stick with the boring blue windows theme. Thank you for your reply.
  6. Ok, so Affinity has been installed, and working for months......with no changes made to my PC's theme. Why all of a sudden am I getting this error?
  7. Ahhhhh. Didn't see that. Thank you SO much!
  8. Anybody know how to get a depth option to work in layers/bevel & emboss? It is inactive for pillow, inner, outer and emboss. Thanks.
  9. In Serif, there was a "Cut Out Studio" which I absolutely love. I have searched the Help Section and Forums for "erase background", "cut out studio", "background removal", and am unable to find out how to remove a background. Can you please give me a link that will show me how to remove a background? I edit product photos and want the entire background removed easily like in the old programs. Thank you,

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