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  1. If it was the monitor colour profile, would it still show differently in Publisher though?
  2. I see, is there any way to export the document in CMYK to reflect the colours that will actually be printed? I'd rather hand over the CMYK file and be sure the document will print exactly as intended. Changing the PDF export settings myself to CMYK and Fogra 27 made no difference in what the exported document looks like
  3. Ok, didn't know that, but PDF should, right? Yet when I export it as PDF, the colour is also a lot different to what I see on screen while editing in Publisher - have a look at the included document
  4. Hi, The image I'm working on looks a lot more saturated when exported. The difference in colour varies when exported in different file formats. I started working on it as sRGB but then changed the colour profile to CMYK as it will be sent off for print. The difference in colour was still there when exporting initially. I'm attaching a screenshot of the page in Publisher, a PNG export (with a PNG profile) and a PDF export (with a PDF for print profile). Hoping you can let me know where I messed up! page 3.pdf
  5. You're spot-on, the shadow effect on the circle broke everything haha, it works just fine after disabling it, creating a lovely outline exactly where I want it! Thanks so much
  6. Hi, I've been trying to create an outline for an object made up a few parts with no luck. I rasterized the entire group to merge it too, with no luck at all. The first image is the group of objects I'd like a nice little outline around. The second image is what happens when I try by using Layer Effects > Outline. The result is the same whether I'm trying to do it on a group or on a rasterized group. And it's flat-out bugged because that's the thinnest, claiming to be 0,4... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for clarifying, that explains a lot. Was never a big fan of Illustrator either haha I'll trial Publisher instead.
  8. Hi, I see, can you tell me what the point of Designer is? It seems to be lacking a lot of features otherwise present in design software. I thought it would be an alternative to Adobe's In-Design given the naming.
  9. Please don't tell me you still haven't added a simple text wrap to Designer? Even Word has had it for years, for the love of god! How can I do text+image design without even a basic text wrap? I hope you'll add one ASAP because as it stands, this app isn't worth its price. P.S. Are you ever gonna add a "warp" feature for quick image editing?
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