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Found 11 results

  1. If you add a Catalog Tool to Photos it would be the last piece of Software i need. Then i could do all my Work with Affinity.
  2. Hi guys, I have been using affinity to make small flyers or brochures, so I have basic knowledge on affinity. Right now I need to do a catalog with around 500 products, and every week are coming new products. So it is quite important that images stays linked or pinned on the right text with the right sizes; and the tittles change of page correctly. I have already prepared a style text, pinning images and forms. What would be the best practice? Where could I found like a small guide for catalogs. At the moment when I added a new product sometimes the image scale change, Dont know why and this take me a lot of time to correct again and I need to move manually the tittles that fit with the products. Thanks a lot!!
  3. Affinity would be complete if it had a cataloguing / management aspect, where I could import, rate and mark for approval or deletion, batch rename. As it is I'm either stuck switching between Photo Mechanic or the Finder, neither of which is all that useful as compared to the integrated cataloguing function within Lightroom. Unless someone has a better suggestion!
  4. I do not want to get PS and LR on the subscription plan. I have LR5 and it has a great photo catalog. How do people on Affinity store their photos? I want to be able to see my photos with edits. Thanks. I'm on a MacBook Pro and want to upgrade to Mojave but it doesn't support LR5 or PS5.
  5. The problem is there is no program that does just the sort and catalog for easy retrieval of assets. DarkTable is great, LightTable, Photos, even Aperture ALL have the premise of doing the photo correction within, and the sorting is a "second thought" as it were. It must be possible if it were implemented: What we would like to see in a Photo Organizational Program: Not a photo manipulator, no adjustments needed = we have programs for that. No need to copy photos into the program, just thumbnails Similar to Apple’s Aperture, but only vaguely similar. Within the Folder of Photos: we create or program creates subfolders as directed. The program is more a script to move photos from the “primary” or “imported” folder where they reside temporally till they are tagged and relocated into the appropriate “home / category” folder. This means that even with the program not running, the user can go to “photos” folder and see the sorted tree of folders; (this is not a clear description) The primary purpose of the program is simply to sort and group into folders and smart collections. Making accessible the original file for manipulation. Ease of locating, and grouping. If Affinity would do this, all documents, videos, as well as photos would be available to sort and group. Projects and tasks, as well as archive, would be made easy and direct.
  6. Seems that Affinity Photo and ON1 are the leading challengers to Photoshop\Lightroom\Camera Raw processor. I'm transitioning from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, teaching an 'Introduction to Affinity' and leading a new Advanced Editing SIG. Others in our photo club are moving from Lightroom to ON1 because of the catalog. Is there a catalog in Affinity's future?
  7. Hello, This is the product catalog for the salon the bathroom showroom. Link: Catalog online PDF
  8. Hi all ! I'm proud to show you how AP is a professionnal tool. I'm near the end of the of a graphic design of a jewelry catalog for a major French retailer. It was a real challenge I want to succeed and it have been hard because of my 20 years of using Adobe tools ... but I did it ! Why using AP instead Photoshop ? Because of one particular thing : the non destructive effect when you resize au layer. This is really important when you compose a page with objects and you don't know what could be the their final size. In Photoshop this action is destructive and you loose lots of details by trying to find the good placement of your object, so you have to duplicate your object : one for the draft copy and the second one for the final placement ... and pray so that is the last décision of your costumer ! GREAT ! The second things are "move by whole pixel" and "force alignment of pixels" options, the best way to keep a sharp definition of your objects ! SO GREAT ! The third thing is exporting with Lanczos algorythmes ... SO SO GREAT ! At the end of this project, I'll post a long list of little features that could help us to be more productive with AP : management of selection (add to selection, subtract from selection, ...), improve fill panel, "new layer" panel like "adjustments" panel ... Jewels have not been retouched in AP because I need two things to do it well : 1- Oil painting filter. I make a personnal use of this filter to obten specific results on the internals shapes of a jewel. There is a free option for Windows but nothing for Mac ... Source files can be downloaded but I don't know to compile for OSX : https://yande.re/forum/show/2007?page=1 2- Improvments for gradient and color picker tools, actually they are too long to use. See you in few weeks !
  9. Hi, I just came across the Pixave app which seems to be a cataloguing facility with some impressive tricks up its sleeve if the video on the website is to be believed (and why not if it indeed got a "best of 2105 app" tag). It's not dramatically expensive, but I was wondering if anyone has used it already. Cheers, P
  10. I just switched from Aperture and Photos and am very impressed. With the Apple products, they take care of cataloging and filing the images. I have looked at tutorials for Affinity and unless I am missing something do not see how it works. Since I am starting new, would appreciate any suggestions. Right now, i am separating the exported files and the work files in different folders. Just trying to save myself from a mess in the future. Thanks,
  11. Hello All, I just bought Affinity Designer, and Oh my god!!! This is an amazing app. As a long time user of Photoshop CS, I will certainly add soon Affinity Photo in my bag. And because I also used quite a lot Xpress in the past, I am very interested by Affinity Publisher too. So now, let's talk about the next step. Whatever the field in image production (photo, document publishing, illustration, graphic design, cartoons, ...) we work on, one of the most important thing is the way you organize your media collection. So, instead of adding features to organize and tag all our media pieces in each existing Affinity app, it could be more interesting to externalize these features in a central master piece... The "Affinity Catalog" App (or why not "Affinity MediaBrowser" App). As some other competitors did in their respective software (Aperture, Lightroom, Capture One, ...), the key points are organizing, browsing, filtering, searching, rating, adding keywords and metadata on the media elements of your collections. And now, let's imagine if each Affinity production App (Photo, Designer, Publisher) would integrate a media browser plugin to provide some smart functions to make the search of these elements easier on media collections, for example based on some criteria defined in the Affinity Catalog App. In that way, your software solution could completely address professional workflows. In my case, having an "Affinity Catalog" App would let me definitely replace my Lightroom software. :-) Maybe (and I am pretty sure), you already have this in mind, so I look forward to have your point of view on this. Best regards. Bruno
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