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Karl Works

Photo/ asset Cataloger

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The problem is there is no program that does just the sort and catalog for easy retrieval of assets. DarkTable is great, LightTable, Photos, even Aperture ALL have the premise of doing the photo correction within, and the sorting is a "second thought" as it were.  It must be possible if it were implemented: 

What we would like to see in a Photo Organizational Program:

  1. Not a photo manipulator, no adjustments needed = we have programs for that.
  2. No need to copy photos into the program, just thumbnails
    1. Similar to Apple’s Aperture, but only vaguely similar.
  3. Within the Folder of Photos: we create or program creates subfolders as directed.
  4. The program is more a script to move photos from the “primary” or “imported” folder where they reside temporally till they are tagged and relocated into the appropriate “home / category” folder.
  5. This means that even with the program not running, the user can go to “photos” folder and see the sorted tree of folders; (this is not a clear description)
  6. The primary purpose of the program is simply to sort and group into folders and smart collections. Making accessible the original file for manipulation. Ease of locating, and grouping.
  7. If Affinity would do this, all documents, videos, as well as photos would be available to sort and group. Projects and tasks, as well as archive, would be made easy and direct.

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