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  1. Cassie Farnsworth is a sassy 17-year-old living in 1930’s America. While testing her uncle’s new design for a one-person submarine she finds herself uncovering a smuggling ring. She has to tell the authorities, but her first problem is how to get out the docks alive... I’m not entirely happy with all of it but I’ve probably ‘faffed on’ a bit too much already, so it’s time to get on with other things. It was imagined as the first of a four-part series, the titles being: Sucker Punch; In A Squeeze; The Big Bang; Blown Away. (People with an affinity – pun not intended – for all things engine-related may see the reason why there are four books in the series.) All done in Designer with some (modified) vector silhouettes from here and there (to save time, and because I’m not good at drawing stuff). Note: The original (awful) mock-up, commented on below, has been moved to the ‘reveal panel’.
  2. Can I make a dust jacket with Publisher? That is, a front cover, spine, back cover, and flips on both front and back. If yes, how? Is there any template that includes five sections mentioned above? My book content is based on A4 paper. I understand the hard cover and dust jacket will be slightly larger. I wouldn't know the exact measurements but it would be better if I could play around with photos and words and design the jacket, at least.
  3. I'm pretty new to publishing so not sure of the correct terminology to use, so I'll start with my usual process. I usually create a book (for this example an A5 portrait formatted book). The front cover (page 01) starts on the right side of a spread of 2 pages. With all internal pages then being a two page spread. Finally the back page of the book being the left side of the spread of 2 pages (page 16 for example). My current book design however requires a single image to span across both the front and back cover as a single entity. (basically wrapping from the back to the front cover). So my question is how do I approach this? I have a couple of thoughts and I don't know if either is the correct method in terms of efficiency or more importantly when it's handed off to a printing company, I get back what i'm expecting. Thought 01 - As the front cover is page 01 and the back cover is page 16, do i have to duplicate the image and create 2 images split equally down the middle and paste the right side image on page 01, and the left side image on page 16? This seems very time consuming and causes big issues when editing the image after splitting it into 2 images. (i.e. changing the contrast twice for each half of the image, or worse having to split the image in 2 every time I replace / update that image) Thought 02 - Do I just create a new master page for the book cover which is A4 Landscape (=2X A5 portrait) and treat the front and back cover as page 01? and therefore have no specific back cover page (page 16). Will this cause issues at the printing company end, as the cover page is now not defined as A5? Any help would be greatly appreciated to how I move forward. Finally relating to this issue, what's the process when you need to design the spine of a thick hardcover book? Thanks
  4. Hi. I'm moving to Affinity from InDesign. Very impressed so far. However, I've watched countless tutorials, but can't figure out which is best for designing paperback book covers for fiction and nonfiction books. Do I use Publisher, Photo, Designer, or a combo? And if so, which two work best together to create a cover? I bought Publisher and Photo, but am happy to buy Designer if it's needed for best results. Any advice appreciated, especially if you can point me to a tutorial for a paperback cover which demos your recommendation. ~ Celeste Joseph ~
  5. Hi and thanks (very much) in advance. I am making a book cover for a paperback book -- I am using Affinity Publisher, and I also have Affinity photo (and Designer, too). There is a photo (from Unsplash, free to use) that I want to use on the cover (the photo is attached). It is a blue sky with a cloud -- and the blue is so bright and wonderful. It's a jpg file, but the problem is, when I convert to CMYK (which is required by the printing company) -- the blue sky fades, and loses all its magic. Is this what always happens when JPG goes to CMYK ? ... Or is there something that I don't know about Affinity Publisher (or Affinity Photo) -- is there some trick or technique to keep the CMYK blue looking bright like the jpg blue sky ? Thanks again ... from Zorba
  6. I wrote a little article about my book cover design on my news blog. All book covers shown were created with Affinity Photo. For me, AFPHOTO and AFDESIGN are truly brilliant tools that I don't want to be without anymore. Thanks, Serif 💗 https://www.bodobe.de/dein-buchcover-design/
  7. Using the affinity designer program, we will see step by step how to prepare a book cover design on iPad Pro.
  8. Book cover for a bavarian crime novel. Three different pictures (free pics) will be one. Created with Affinity Photo and (for print) Affinity Publisher. DIE FRAU IM WEISSEN NACHTHEMD / woman in white nightgown https://www.bodobe.de/allgaeukrimi/
  9. I create book covers for different clients, but I would like to highlight a work. For the author Ulrike Schelhove I have done many book cover designs so far. A complete crime series (Eifel, Germany), another (Cologne crime story) starts now (in the fall). I created ALL DESIGNS with Affinity Photo. I want to show my working examples, it should not be a direct advertising for the books. I work with this software every day. I love this app and I do not want to miss it anymore. https://www.bodobe.de/zorneswut/ https://www.bodobe.de/buchcoverdesign-fuer-spannungsgeladene-eifel-krimis/
  10. And now for something completely different. A book cover.
  11. Book cover design for a story in which a brutal psychopath first locks his victims (in the cellar) in a wooden box. Preferably with small poisonous animals ... The basement room I’ve put together from many different images, the framework for the wooden box I’ve created myself and covered with matching textures. Hinges, padlock, dagger, blood, (plastinated) body parts in the bucket - everything is gradually assembled from different images. Altogether 16 pictures were processed here for the Ambiente. The play of light and shadow has been a lot of fun with this affinity photo project. For the book cover, it was interesting that you discovered the man only on the back of the book https://b-bertuleit.de/im-keller/
  12. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum but am trying to get some ideas about book cover designing. I'm planning to have my novel published very soon (through CreateSpace) and am especially interested in premade covers. There are many out there but most are mediocre at best. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea about this site: www.bookcoverzone.com - Nice covers, decent pricing and all but it's an automatic system, and I've never seen or tried anything like this before. If anyone has bought from this site, any feedback would be much appreciated.
  13. Editing the presentation of an book cover in Affinity Photo http://b-bertuleit.de/buchcover-design/
  14. My new book cover design tutorial (Search The Woods) is part of the new Affinity Photo Workbook Hope my work is helpful and lets many people get creative. http://b-bertuleit.de/tutorial-fuer-affinity-photo-workbook https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/workbook/
  15. My new book cover design tutorial (Search The Woods) is part of the new Affinity Photo Workbook Hope my work is helpful and lets many people get creative. Thank you all http://b-bertuleit.de/tutorial-fuer-affinity-photo-workbook https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/workbook/
  16. Hello, here is a link to my website, where I show some book cover designs (Print, ebook). All are created with aPhoto and aDesigner. For me, there are no better apps for this job. http://dein-buchcover.de/portfolio.html Looking forward to any feedback, thank you ;-)
  17. Does anyone know if "Designer" can make fold marks for a book spine. I just can't find a way to do so. If the book cover is one large Art board, the bleeds and crop marks are ok on the exported PDF. But there are no indications for the width of the book spine. If the the book cover is made of 3 different art boards combined. The export to PDF vill make 3 seperate PDF files and that will not work for book printing. I need a PDF that is in one file with crop marks and bleed, and marks for the book spine. Thanks in advance kim
  18. Book Cover Design (PreMade), Affinity Photo After a long time I once again created a so-called "PreMade", with fictional title and author name. I did 'nt have a directly matching photo. I wanted to try to get a deep "camera" perspective, so a glance flat over the grass. For this I have several grass photos overlaid and merged into a (one) picture. What do you think? Looking forward to your feedback :lol: :huh: :) Friendly greetings to everyone http://b-bertuleit.de/black-summertime/
  19. You may have seen my first book cover, but here is the second in the series. It's my personal favorite. Hope you like it!
  20. For fantasy book covers like the one below, they always have colorful skies. Among a host of fantasy effects, I desperately need to learn how to change the colors of sky, so they have multiple unnatural colors. Or even just to change the blue in a stormy sky to like a diff color. Any help? Even just tell me what tool to use? Thank you so much!! Seriously, I would pay money if someone made a course on book covers for Affinity.
  21. This work (affinity photo 1.4.2) is looking for a name. Just an example of a book cover design (Thriller). This work is looking for a name, what do you mean? Tell me the name ... :) http://b-bertuleit.de/untitled-2/
  22. Hiya, Is it possible to pass an image across two artboards? Say for example I wanted phototgraph continuation on the front and back cover of a book but not the spine. Martigny
  23. I have a flat book cover and I want to turn it into a 3d cover like the image below. What affinity designer tools should I use to accomplish this?
  24. A small clip (video) about the development of a book cover design. Of course, all works were made with Affinity Photo / Designer. Best greetings to Nottingham :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLoYqZOZ3bw
  25. Hi, here’s a new work with afphoto & afdesigner, a book cover design for a crime story. Albtraumwelten / nightmare worlds. It's a screenshot from the development, the finished cover you can see here, if you like.
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