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Found 8 results

  1. Could anyone kindly advise what has happened please. I am on Mac Book Pro (Catalina) on starting AP all I get is this grey blank screen, I cannot recall changing any settings. Thanks
  2. When I quit Designer with UI toggled (UI is not visible using the Tab key) the next time I'm not able to make the UI visible. So in steps: 1. Working on a document, toggle UI with tab key. UI is not visible (toolbar, tools etc. are not visible). 2. I close the document and quit Designer. 3. The next day I open Designer. The UI is still toggled, so no UI is visible. When pressing the tab key I expect all UI will be visible again. But that doesn't happen. I have to manually switch on the toolbar and tools.
  3. In previous versions I could use TAB to toggle away the panels and tools - which was useful in full-screen demonstrations or screen recordings .. I could show the full image without tools / UI in the way Now in 1.7 the first TAB takes everything away - great. But TAB again doesn't bring them back and I have to re-enable 3 vows: * view - studio - unhide studio * show tools * show context toolbar and maybe another one when not in full screen mode this toggling is ok , the bug happens when clicking that macOS "green button" window decorator to go full screen ...
  4. After hitting the tab key and switch UI to hide tools, and then, close the Designer, all the tools - tools, toolbar, studio panels, are set to off/hide when you re-open the Designer. Hitting the tab key won't make the tools and panels come back. When this happens, you have to go through each settings under "View / 表示" to show them. I tried it on Photo and same thing happens. It is fairly a minor issue, but somehow annoying. I hope this gets fixed! Affinity Designer/Photo 1.7.2 macOS 10.14.6 (Japanese) MacBook Pro 2018 Thank you always for your support!! Much appreciated.
  5. Hey there, so I upgraded to 1.7 and I think I got a bug. -> I use a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" and a 2017 MacBook Air 13" both with the latest OSX I usually plugin an external monitor when I am not on the go. And leave the MacBooks connected. When I start affinity designer after closing it, the UI (Tools, context bar, symbolbar, and studio) is not visible. When I press <Tab> to toggle show/hide nothing happens. I have to manually go to view and enable all the UI every time I start affinity designer. This behavior is the same on both machines and reproduceable. I think it also does not has something to do with the external monitor since I recognized that issue already with just the MacBook Air on the go. I quit affinity designer and set the macbook to sleep, start affinity designer again and have to reenable all the UI. I got a Eizo USB C and an old EIZO DVI-D monitor but as stated above, It also happens without a monitor connected. It nothing breaking but really annoying. If you need more information, I will be glad to provide anything you need. - cheers
  6. Quitting when in "Hide UI" mode means having to manually restore the state on next launch Open APh 1.7.1 (I have images that are reopening -- not clear if that's required or not) Tab for "Toggle UI" to turn off all the frobs Quit ISSUE 2: Note that I've had hangs in this point (multiple minutes requiring force-quit -- usually when I've launched APh via opening a CR2 raw file then, for the sake of testing, canceled development) Relaunch APh - see it come up with minimal UI Toggle UI -- see very little happen. Studios, context bar, tools, and toolbar all have to be manually restored to visibility Photo 1.7.1, macOS Mojave (10.14.5), MBP2018 32G/i9/Vega20
  7. All of app need to fix Push the 'TAB' key. When push the 'TAB' key make hide then quit app. Open app appear and I am tried push the 'TAB' key doesn't appear. I have to show each on View menu
  8. I often press TAB to hide the UI, then Cmd-0 to show my layout in all its glory. If I quit Affinity Publisher in this state and open it again later, the UI is still hidden—which makes sense as it’s the last/previous state. However, if I then hit TAB again, nothing happens. I have to select… Disable “View > Studio > Hide Studio”, “View > Show Context Toolbar”, “View > Show Toolbar”, and “View > Show Tools” … manually. I always try to remember un-hiding the UI before I quit the app, but I always forget Carsten By the way: I can‘t wait to finally buy! You are doing a great job. Thank you!
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