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  1. Hey, @Sean P what @tominoff posted. Reproduceable with: - my 2018 macbook pro 15" - my 2015 macbook air 13" - my companies 2019 macbook 15" - and my wife's 2019 macbook pro 13" I assume this is reproduceable with all macbooks at this point.
  2. Hey there, I am using the bucket fill in the pixel persona quite often. And I always use a tolerance of 0% (pixel art). The thing is, every time affinity designer restarts, it is set default to 20%. It would be great if it just saves the last value or if the default value is configurable? Even if I do a drawing, 20% is never the value I would need. it's mostly 0%. And I don't see a reason why it should be 20% by default. This could benefit some other people too that are doing precise colorings.
  3. Hey there, so I upgraded to 1.7 and I think I got a bug. -> I use a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" and a 2017 MacBook Air 13" both with the latest OSX I usually plugin an external monitor when I am not on the go. And leave the MacBooks connected. When I start affinity designer after closing it, the UI (Tools, context bar, symbolbar, and studio) is not visible. When I press <Tab> to toggle show/hide nothing happens. I have to manually go to view and enable all the UI every time I start affinity designer. This behavior is the same on both machines and reproduceable. I think it also d
  4. Hey, appreciate the feedback, thanks :) So this can marked as solved. thanks you
  5. Hey, don't mind, thank you for the response and the explanation. For me this seems like a bug, isn't it? I don't get the point why an artboard has to be set pixel perfect, since you want to export it. And as long as the dimensions (w/h) are even pixel values, this should not be a problem by exporting it, shouldn't it? I can live with the answer but it would be nice when artboards with even dimensions (200x300) are exported as 200x300 pixel, independent of their XY axis. Maybe that's something to put on an update list or something? regards :)
  6. @MEB any news on this? It's getting a but annoying. Since this happens on every single file... and I have manually to set the export size for every spritesheet I export... and there are a few per day. regards.
  7. Hi there, using Affinity Designer 1.5.3. (also recognized on 1.5.1)- Description: When I make a graphics (I use artboards) and want to export it- the size is wrong. The real artboard size is for example: 20 x 40px. On exporting (png) it is 20x41px. This happens every time. I have to adjust every sprite in size for exporting, else it wont fit. I recognized this since the 1.5 update. Screenshot attached I attached a Screenshot to verify. In the Transform-Panel to the right bottom you can see the real artboard size. in the top-middle the export panel shows a different size, it is always 1 pix
  8. That solved it. If I could have thought on this my own... damn. Thanks so much :)
  9. Hey, any news on that? Let me know if you find something :) I will be in vacaition until sunday - so I won't response till then. thanks - best regards
  10. @Callum, thanks you so much :) here you got the file. Note: There are no graphics in this file, since the issue continues even without graphics in it. If I would create a new file it will work again. But copying all the artboards and stuff would be a huge pain. file attached thanks you! adf_testfile.afdesign
  11. Hello everyone, I've got a quite big file (many small objects: Spritesheets). Until yesterday everything worked fine. I multiply some sprites to tint them or make some adjustments via the adjustments symbol in the bottom of the layers palette. Since yesterday it just stopped working: If I click on a layer (vector) or group and then click "adjustments / HSL " - the window pops out. But the changes / settings I am making are not visible. They are not visible if I wait for some time. I tried to restart affinity designer / my machine - nothing works. A video showing the issue is attach
  12. Hello Chris, thank you for your quick response. I already had contact to the apple support. I do not think that this is a affinity designer issue - so this can be marked as closed. Since this is was happening system wide, after an hour: I had to completely nuke out my machine and done a fresh reinstall. The only thing that can be noted is that: Google Drive was causing an over-resource request, all the time: Drive gained 120% CPU usage and System Energy as well. This can be reproduced any time and causes system crashes and damage. Very wired long story I don't want to bother you with. There
  13. You can reproduce it every time you want to save a file . CMD+S instandly let the app crash. On every system I got running. Running version 1.4.2
  14. Since today ( 20.07.'16) I can not use Affinity Designer anymore - which I had done everyday before. It's quitting / closing randomly. When it again opens up the tools, sidebars etc are invisible (the options in view are turned off or turned on to invisible). I experienced some bugs a few days ago, which closed the app. But know it's instand on multiple devices. Using a MacBook 12" (2016), a MacBook 15" (2015) If I can provide more details you might need just ask for :) #########The full Error lock: Process: Affinity Designer [7189] Path: /Application
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