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  1. looks like it is an Apple issue - other are seeing the problem too (I only have one Apple ID)
  2. upgraded to macOS Catalina (fresh install from usb over a formatted disk) App Store now shows "no purchases" -so have lost my 3 Affinity Apps!!! anyone else seeing this? Apple insisting it is Affinity's fault...
  3. Hi I think picture/other frames which are to be anchored inline and flow with text should be made a little more intuitive. The following video highlights the issues (typed in the video) image frames.mp4
  4. Hi I'm struggling to understand the correct way of using Publisher. I realise Publisher has it's own model for the user to understand - eg text frames are items on the layer structure, and the hierarchy there has meaning ... all good stuff. I previously posted having trouble with getting embedded content (images) to behave in a very common way - to flow with the text, and for the text to flow around them. That was a big discussion and it is still not intuitive. Anyway - this question is about the best / correct AP way of working - how do I structure a book so that: section pages have a different design to normal pages which follow a master page design section pages have a large sized text and an image - both of which, together are centred on the page there can be several chapters in a section chapter heading have a large font style, as do subheadings within chapters which have a smaller font size than the chapter headings (see image attached) Styles Now the wrong way would be to "press enter lots of times and use centre alignment" .. we know that's not how you allow for reflowable text and also misses out on the power of styles. So let me think aloud about styles. Yes the chapter heading and the subheadings can have styles defining the font size and typeface. Great. I can apply things like spacing after each of these headings in the style to create extra space to the subsequent body text. Good stuff! The styles themselves are based on the already configured Heading1/2 etc and not what I did before which was to create a new style based on "Body". Is this good / bad? In fact previously I even created a new body style based on "Body" to keep it separate - is this a good idea or not? Section / Part Dividers Onto the Section divider pages. Others call these Parts elsewhere. They contain Chapters. These should always be on the right hand odd-numbered pages. What's the best way to do this? Should they be based on a different master page? In which case does the text importing have to be done per-section? How do you best align the "section title and image" to the centre of the page? Currently I'm using a new text frame which is not a master page frame to contain the text, and them anchoring an image below it and then adjusting the height of the text frame so the content looks about right. This is very wrong and I want to know how I should really do it. Image / Frame Anchoring Problems Again I'm still struggling with image placement. Images or Picture frames should be able to be treated like a character and flow with text. Every time I create one it has text flowing under it.. I've been told NOT to use the Text Wrap options previously. I will assert that the default for a new frame should not have text flowing under it .. it creates work to give it the intuitive behaviour. The frames are placed not where expected .. only the "float with anchor" option seems to make them be placed intuitively. Previously members suggested I use careful copy and paste to first create a frame them paste it where the text cursor was. This seems wrong. (attached is a video of me trying to insert image context that flows with the text .. you can see that we eventually get there but it's not intuitive and I think I'm still doing it wrong with the cut-n-paste hack) .. So - this is all sounds like I really haven't understood the core model of AP. .. Tutorial Video? It would be great if perhaps there was a tutorial video put up to show how to correctly structure a book - covering eg the correct use of styles section/part dividers with different designs to normal content pages reflowable images anchored inline as text (sorry, really struggling) I have over the years used things like InDesign, Scribus, Latex, .. so I'm not averse to new models but something about PS - why does the default text have no style at all .. shouldn't it have the Body or Base styles applied at minimum? image frames.mp4
  5. tried those options in several combinations and sadly didn't fix it
  6. @Chris B slight aside but you'll notice the performance is terrible (latency and poor sample rate when painting) - any suggestions on what might be causing it .. ? it doesn't happen on my MacBook Air but does on my 15" MacBook Pro 2015
  7. thanks @Chris B I've found the steps to reproduce it open photo, with tools/bars/tabs normal TAB toggles then on/off edit a doc - eg brush on canvas quit (cmd-Q) when in full screen mode open Photos again and this time there are no toolbars and tab toggle fails video attached - TAB is first shown to work, then failing at 30-36 seconds.. ph.mp4
  8. @thomaso thanks I will try what you suggested from a blank new document
  9. just a another thing I've found copying and pasting that image frame doesn't work!! I have to add some temporary text before and after the Image Frame and the copy the text sandwiching the Image Frame ad then paste that for the centring paragraph style to work... eek!
  10. thanks for helping - that worked my comment that this is slightly clunky is not aimed at you but rather at the product itself - for @Patrick ConnorPatrick can I suggest that Image frames are improved for future releaes so that can be controlled by proper "styles" ? I think it would really help make AP a much better product
  11. ive created a paragraphs style which is highlighted when select they mage frame - but changes to paragraph options eg "centre justify" don't seem to apply... suggestions very welcome
  12. sigh - the defaults don't seem to be particularly helpful.. I'll keep trying... thanks for your help anyway
  13. I'm really struggling with this - The attacjed screenshot shows the picture frame now in "inline placement mode" not floating ... I used the pointer to move the cursor (blue vertical line) to the empty lien shows in red. Yet the frame is not "in line" and is over existing text ?? The Text Wrap is in "jump" mode and still this is not applying.
  14. thanks - you are correct that lots of additional styles have been picked up I think this is a bug in AP - if you "try new styles option and unset theme again" but don't "click OK" - they don't seem to go away from that big list.... so they accrete as you experiment ..

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