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Found 64 results

  1. Hi AF photo still bug on saving when you do multiple task simultaneously. if you save a project and wile saving you double clic on a cr2 file to open it automatically in AF wile it is saving he will not manage to handle both and will stay open but frozen. let me know if you have the same issue on your side or if its only me. Let me know what content would you need from me to help you solve this. Regards,
  2. I currently use Lightroom along with Photoshop Elements for layers and the other Photoshopy features in Windows10. I'd like to replace PSE with AP. However, I'm having one major issue with it. Right now in LR when I want to open an image in PSE, I right click on the image, select 'Edit In' and then select PSE. The image opens in PSE, I do my editing, then I can click File>Save and it saves the TIFF back in the original LR folder in my LR library (great). However, with AP this isn't functioning the same. I can select 'Edit In' and then AP in LR, the image still opens in AP, I can do my editing. But when I go to File>Save it tries to save some afphoto file and its not even in the LR directory. I select Export in AP and it brings up a generic dialog for various export file types and is not pointing to my original LR directory. arrrrgh :( I just want AP to automatically know to point back to the original folder when I try to save a file that was first launched into AP by a call from LR (just as PSE functions now).
  3. Is it possible to save a gradient that has been built from the gradient tool. Example, if I create a gradient for a sky and want to use it on another photo, is it possible to save it perhaps as a style? Would appreciate any help with this issue.
  4. Today I went to Apple Photo to try to edit a photo I had been working on in Affinity but when it opened up all my changes were gone. Then the photo changed to a different photo in Apple Photo. In other words the same photo is showing up Apple Photo twice and one photo disappeared almost entirely. I would go to Time Machine to restore that old version of photo that somehow got messed up. But I don't know how to do that. I can't find that option in Apple Photos. Please help!
  5. I am unable to save anything - here is the error message that comes up - haven't a clue what to do...I'd love some help on this please :D Many thanks
  6. So obviously there is going to be some difficulty when using multiple PCs and I didn't expect a 100% smooth experience... giving files plenty of time to propagate before opening / saving etc. I was impressed when a dialogue popped up asking me if I wanted to keep the changes make in "this version" or another. The current version being the one, I selected this. However it acted as if I had selected the other, and it seemed as though I had lost my changes. I closed the file, reopened, and it had maintained the changes I had made, thank God. Not without some panic on my part. If you'd just look into reproducing this - wouldn't like to experience it again. Cheers Love the software, rarely load up Adobe. Works so well with Mac, great to have.
  7. I have recently installed Nik Software plug ins on Affinity. I have tried to use Silver Efex to turn a color image to B+W, and the tweaks I have made on Silver Efex have worked perfectly well - exactly the same as they did on Aperture, and on Photoshop Elements when the edited image in all its b+w glory appeared in each of these programs. However, when I try and leave Silver Efex to go back to Affinity when i have finished doing my alterations, the image on Affinity is exactly the same as when I started. There is no B+W image. So where is it, and how do i save it. I assume I should do this from Affinity as there is no way I can do so from the base at the top of the page with the Nik Software. Its probably something very simple, but HELP please!
  8. This might sound kind of silly, but it would be helpful if the save dialogue (where one actually browses to a save location) could be moved by dragging from the title bar or something similar. Thanks! -Rodolfo
  9. I've been saving my affinity files in iCloud all along and now suddenly my affinity folder on iCloud is disabled. I can still open files from it but I cannot save to that location. my iCloud drives in other applications appear to still be working as expected. any ideas how to get iCloud working for affinity again?
  10. this is has just now started to happen with myself. i have recently updated to 10.10.5, after being on 10.10.2 until i felt the OS bugs were out. but designer is giving me this message. cant save things i have worked on. photo is fine for saving. but designer is doing this
  11. Hi I'm new to Affinity Designer and so far love it. I'm reaching out for help / tutorial. I am working on a t-shirt design that is layers over an oval shape. When I send off my design to the printer it shows the oval shape on a white box. Is there a way to just save the shape without the background? I have included an image of what is happening. Thank you
  12. Hello, I've been working for a few hours now on a piece and I've run into two bugs which Im worried will make me loose all my work! 1) If had two tabs open in Affinity, I went from one back to the orignial and both the images are just showing a black screen now - I can see all the layers and the picture in the navigator but just a black screen 2) Whenever I try to save it says "Save failed because access to the file was lost." and I have no idea what to do - so none of my work has been saved. PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. MEGraphicDesigns

    File Exporting

    Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but when I export a file as a png, pdf, or especially as an eps file the top left hand portion gets cut off. Is there some way to stop this from occurring? These are files that I am sometimes sending out to clients.
  14. I have created a project for college and took it in on a memory stick to print and show my teachers but it wouldn't let me open it because the college computers don't have affinity, is there a way i can save it so it will open in illustrator?

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