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  1. I just came here to report the same thing. Viveza is turning my images purple in the Viviza plugin while used inside Affinity Photo When I select 'OK' to process the image, the colors are correct so it appears to be a visual issue inside Viveza while loaded in Affinity Photo. Viveza does not do this in Photoshop Elements so it isn't the plugin itself.
  2. This appears to be fixed in the latest build (the first commercial release on Windows _45) :)
  3. Is it still not linking the path to resave files sent to Affinity Photo from Lightroom? There have been numerous (I've counted 4 individual bug request threads alone) requests for this to be resolved. Update: The latest version _45 does indeed remember the path from LR to AP and back to LR. I just tested it again. In Lightroom: Edit In>Affinity Photo (photo.exe) In Affinity photo: (make edits to image) Click File>Save voila, when I go back to LR, I see the changes to the TIFF I just edited in AP now. Thank you!
  4. There have been several of us asking for this in various posts in the past couple of weeks. Because it does not behave in the manner in which you suggest. I just double checked it before commenting here. Clicking 'Save' in AP after it being sent there through LR ('Edit In' > 'Affinity Photo') takes me to my last directory I was in previously in AP (on another project) and *not* to the original directory in that the TIFF is located (my actual LR catalog directory). Photoshop elements functions in the manner you suggest AP should function. But AP does not function in this manner currently, yet it should. Besides, it wants to save an 'afphoto' file and doesn't even give the option to resave as TIFF (unless I chose 'Save As' instead, but that also doesn't direct me back to the original directory). So the way your software works is doubly wrong at the moment. :unsure:
  5. If the devs are reading my explanation is over at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29497-saveexport-paths-direct-back-to-original-lightroom-directory/?p=143101 However, it is the same thing asked for by the OP here.
  6. I just put in a feature request for this exact, same thing!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 'fix' the way AP works with LR.
  7. I currently use Lightroom along with Photoshop Elements for layers and the other Photoshopy features in Windows10. I'd like to replace PSE with AP. However, I'm having one major issue with it. Right now in LR when I want to open an image in PSE, I right click on the image, select 'Edit In' and then select PSE. The image opens in PSE, I do my editing, then I can click File>Save and it saves the TIFF back in the original LR folder in my LR library (great). However, with AP this isn't functioning the same. I can select 'Edit In' and then AP in LR, the image still opens in AP, I can do my editing. But when I go to File>Save it tries to save some afphoto file and its not even in the LR directory. I select Export in AP and it brings up a generic dialog for various export file types and is not pointing to my original LR directory. arrrrgh :( I just want AP to automatically know to point back to the original folder when I try to save a file that was first launched into AP by a call from LR (just as PSE functions now).
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