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  1. Thanks MEB. On my windows 10 set up doing what you suggest overlays one window on the other so not sure what I am doing wrong. Dragging layers from one image to another would be really good.
  2. Thanks MEB and rickd. The solution offered by rickd worked as I prefer my edited Lightroom files to be in TIFF format. Photo looks like a great piece of software and dependent on price may wean me away form Photoshop which I have not updated since it went 'Cloud'.
  3. Thanks Hofnaar. Didn't think of that as it is not my usual approach! It works fine. File/Open works fine for me except there is no option to open CRW files or maybe any other RAW files as I am not familiar with all RAW file endings.
  4. I have a major long term investment in managing images in Adobe Lightroom. One very useful feature of Lightroom is to be able to edit an image in another piece of software and update the image in Lightroom. Lightroom allows editing of an image in Photo but modifications are not registered in the Lightroom copy. Is this a glitch in my setup or is it a feature that could be added?
  5. A good feature of Photoshop is to be able to select split screen views when two or more images are loaded to enable moving selections from one image to the other. Can this feature be added to Photo, please?
  6. Please can you include a print option in Photo to print different layouts such as two images or more per page?
  7. I can open Canon RAW files (CR2) if I double click on the file name in Windows Explorer but there does not seem to be away of doing this within Photo. It would be good to be able to open RAW files using File/Open menu item.
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