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  1. C_Calmes

    Slow develop speed

    I also observed the same problem with my CR2 files (18Mpx), but with my RAF files (24Mpx), it's better with the new It's even faster than the Canon RAW files.
  2. I had a similar problem with my X-T20 in october 2017. I had to update the firmware of my Fuji to clear the problem. But in your case, it's probably due to Affinity that does not support X-T3 yet.
  3. C_Calmes

    Haze removal does not working

    Good news ! Last version fixed the problem.
  4. When applying "Haze Removal", changes appear on the navigator but not on the main window.... (the photo is a RAF file from a Fuji X-T20). EDIT : But when saving the .aphoto file then restarting Affinity Photo, I appears properly ! See you
  5. Ha ok... I already use Capture One Express Fuji. Great. But I would have been really happy to have a one app workflow. Also, the 1.7 beta seems to be a bit buggy for the moment... So maybe next
  6. Yes... this is an improvement... But I was expecting a better converter that could avoid the use of Iridient X-Transformer. A RAF file opened in On1 Photo RAW or Exposure X4 is really sharper than in Affinity Photo. What is the C1 v12 Beta you're talking about ?
  7. The long awaited update !!! How did you improved the X-Trans support ? I don't see any difference when opening a RAF file on 1.6 ou 1.7 Beta... As a Fuji Owner, I'm really interested in this part....
  8. I'm a Fuji X-T20 owner. With affinity, I use Iridient X-Transformer. It really improves the RAW conversion. I read that there is an improvement of X-trans conversion in the next 1.7 version of Affinity Photo. Capture One Express Fuji is a really good RAW converter. You can tweak ligh, colors contrast and details. On1 Photo RAW 2019 is an excellent RAW converter for Fuji users. No need to use the Iridient X-Transformer tool with it. But it needs a really powerfull computer if you want to go on deep retouching. One excellent thing in On 1 is that you have a full non destructive retouching of your RAW (witch is not the case in Affinity Photo). You can save many versions of your retouching since all the changes are just written in an XML file. And finally, you can export your job as a PSD file that can easily open in Affinity to go further. When using Affinity as a RAW converter with my X-T20, I found that I had a small magenta color cast in the blue of the skies that was difficult to remove using only white balance tool. I found last night that the problem seems to come from the curve applied by the developp wizard. To avoid it, I must disabled this curve and then create a custom one in the Develop Personna where I act on the red channel and push it down a little bit. The other solution is to open the RAF file in On1, make basic adjustments or more and save it as a PSD file to open it in Affinity. Then there is no more magenta color cast and I can finish je job in Affinity. See you guys !
  9. C_Calmes

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    Anyway, is there a release date for the Affinity Photo 1.7 for Windows ? I can't stand having a better support for X-Trans sensors....
  10. C_Calmes

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    I definitly agree... View a mask is really use full. The On1 tool is really amazing and a similar tool for Luminosity masking would be a great improvement.
  11. Hello, Last year, I've changed my camera and bought a Fuji X-T20. During this time, I spent a lot of time trying to remove a magenta color cast in the blue of my skies. I thought it was me or the way I used the camera. But using others raw converters (On1 Photo RAW, Luminar, Capture One Express Fuji) , I found that it comes from Affinity. Finally, it can easily be corrected when turning off the tone curve in the develop Wizard, and shiffting a bit the red curve in the develop personna. Do you know if we can define a specific tone curve that can be set as default in the develop the wizard ? Also, do you know if Serif planned to improve their Fuji X-Trans conversion algorithm ? Best Regards
  12. Hello, since a few days, when I use luminosity masking, the resulte produce unwanted artefacts on the picture. On the attached picture, after several retouchings, I merged all the visible layers to obtain One complete picture on One layer. Then, I duplicate the layers and used the Screen blend mode and since I didn't want the sky to be affected, I used a luminosity mask a a pre-selection, then I refine the selection, and finally removed the sky from the mask layer. So I should have a darker sky (not affected by the upper layer in screen mode) and a lighter landscape. You can see the result in the attached screenshot. Any Idea ? It worked fine before... Best Regards ! EDIT : Apparently, it works fine in the beta version....
  13. Hi, would it be possible to add a way to save the job done in develop persona before the complete process is done and be able to start again from where we were at that point? I hope I'm clear :-) Best Regards Cyril
  14. Ok... I've always find that the exposure tuning in Affinity give weird results, By weird, I mean when decreasing the exposure, the result looks more like I am graying the photo instead of darkening it (Am I clear ?). In the past, I've been using Lightroom 4 and I'm pretty sure that the exposure slider didn't work the same. To be sure, I decided to make a comparison with another powerful software. Since I'm not a Lightroom user anymore, I decided to compare Affinity with ON1 photo Raw. I took one of my photos. In each software, I removed any color curve or lens and noise correction. I just set the exposure slider to -2EV. The result is clear. With Affinity, there is a loss of contrast and details. The image is darker but flatten.... The sky is gray, not blue. On the contrary, when increasing the exposure up to 2EV, Affinity performs better than ON1. I had a last test with the free Rawtherapee. The results are almost the same than the ones with Affinity. Don't really know what to think about that ! Results with Affinity Photo 1.5.2 Results with ON1 Photo Raw 2017.6 Results with Rawtherapee