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  1. I get that, once a document is created or saved in one of the betas, it can't be opened by a previous version of AD...


    However, what do people actually do, when choosing to use the Beta? I personally don't have any extra "experimenting" time; when I use AD, it simply must be for real, finish work.


    So, do beta users simply accept that, and stick with the beta regardless of whatever problems might occur with the beta?

  2. the key combo to get a temporary magnifying glass for marqueeing around a selection you want to zoom in on is  CMD-Space, but the order matters: it must be Space first, then press CMD.


    I have 25 years' worth of muscle memory for CMD-Space, regardless of which order. If you don't get the order correct in AD, you're left trying again, swiping, not zooming..very time wastey and frustrating.


    Could AD be modified so that it doesn't matter what order you press those keys, that you still get the magnifying glass anyway?


    If you press CMD, THEN space, you get a hand tool but the hand tool already has it's very own key: the Space bar, which conforms to years of convention.


    Thank you!



  3. My 2 macs are older...2009 Mac Pro, 2010 Mac BOOK Pro.


    I am very happy with the speed of AD on both, and while faster macs obviously run the same software faster, I feel that apps like AD give my hardware new life.


    What they say in their promos is right: by the time Illustrator gets done loading, I'm already working in AD. The question of which computer? For Affinity Designer: the mac you have. For adobe? Next years's Mac.



  4. Again, don't mean to be nitpicking, but why is it necessary to have "personas" which form in a sense, different "tool spaces" or function spaces in AD?


    Can't the tools simply know who and what they are, and behave accordingly, and enable the User to avoid still more clicking which is required to get into the different-tools spaces?  Can the tools simply just be there?


    Maybe there's a great under-the-hood/programming reason for compartmentalizing this way, but to me, it just feels like more horsing around to get things done.


    Speaking for myself, what really takes its toll in wear and tear on me using computers in general are:


    1. excessive clicking. it's tedious and I have this "alright already" feeling, or going through a maze, or jumping through hoops every time I must click, beyond a click or two.  I've been mouse clicking now for about 30 years, so that perhaps lends a little perspective. I probably have 12 billion clicks under my belt by now.  :D


    2. What I call "tweezing."  Imagine not having the wonderful hands we have to interact with our physical world, and to manipulate objects, but instead, tweezers. Imagine gripping things with tweezers, adjusting, moving, adjusting, ad nauseum.   Tweezers are great for some things, but if they're all you have, working can be a PITA in short order.


    When I have to "tweeze" too many things in an interface to get something done, I call that "tweezing" and it gets annoying for me.


    Dunno how peculiar to me this is, but I have heard and read that in UX studies, fewer clicks = happier users.


    AD already does an amazing job of reducing the User Hoops to jump through in a lot of tools, especially the ones that work in real time...I see fewer clicks and less tweezing as a logical extension of that ethos.


    just my 2 pesos.



  5. any way to do this?


    I need to make the box containing the text larger, but without changing the type inside the box.


    adjusting the control points doesn't do this, and I see no other tool that could help me.


    Thank you for any clues!




    PS: never mind; answered my own question; it's a matter of selecting Text Frame versus Art Text. Pretty sure I've encountered this before, but since I don't do a lot of text-handling in AD, I guess it got chuffed off my "stuff to remember" list.



  6. I have *finally* gotten some time to play a bit more with AD..explore the tools, etc. It's looking infinitely capable, but I'm aware that I am clicking a lot (too much) to do certain things, like deal with fill/stroke, gradient, line weight, etc. 


    most/many things in AD are "right up there" meaning no burrowing or tunnelling into the interface.


    to deal with a gradient or stroke fill takes about 5 clicks, assuming the object is selected. changing a node color is a 2-click deal...


    I realize that this might sound like nitpicking, but as I worked with gradients yesterday, I was extremely aware of my click activity and it got tedious.


    I'm also clicking a lot selecting items in the layers palette. sometimes, "click through" works, and other times, no amount of clicking will select an item, so you have to make a trip to the layer palette, open groups, etc.


    I don't want this to sound like I'm unloading, because I'm not. This is just a suggestion about making things better.  I already regard AD as my go-to vector tool.


    Thank you for reading.

  7. Something I'm not getting here...I can make the new brush using that png but I can't get palettes looking like yours to make the adjustments you make..if I go into pixel persona, my brush is nowhere to be found...


    Is there another step in there?


    Many thanks..the brush you made is the bee's knees and just what I'm needing!

    Correct me if I'm wrong..you have to BE in Pixel persona when doing this?

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