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  1. As a time-served Compositor (most of you will need to Google that job) I have many years creating artwork on many typesetting systems from the early 1970s onwards. In recent decades, like many people, I have been using QuarkXpress and InDesign to build artworks. Unfortunately, those softwares are prohibitively expensive, so it comes a pleasant surprise to find a software that is on the surface, is a good as the industry standards at a reasonable price. One observation is that I notice that Affinity Publisher does not include a Slug area. This is a much ignored and misunderstood feature within InDesign. It's sole, but sometimes essential purpose is to allow the creator of the artwork to place information on the edge of the artwork document that can be included or excluded from the PDF sent to the printer. This can be simply page numbers or essential information to the Printer pertaining to the page(s) it is attached to. The beauty of the slug area, is Adobe PDF allow it to be included or excluded from the PDF, therefore it doesn't interfere with Imposition software but it can be included whereever it is necessary. In my decades of experience very few people understand its purpose, however it is to the professional artwork creator essential.
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