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  1. Just switched to OpenGL, I'll check if it's fixed.
  2. @GabrielM It's been two days, I tested with files and kept them open all the time while doing daily stuff. I think version 1.7 is quite stable, it never crashed.
  3. @GabrielM Just installed. I'll keep a test file open throughout the day.
  4. @GabrielM Just uploaded. Thanks for reviewing them!
  5. @GabrielM It's kinda relevant to how long I kept the files open, the longer I keep them open, more likely the program crashes. As you can see in the screenshot of the crash log, it happens a lot, because I just start using Designer to make illustrations recently, and I seldom quit the program. I can send you all the reports if you need them to diagnose.
  6. @GabrielM Thanks for helping me! I can't constantly replicate, I just found out it normally happens after I woke up the computer and switch between the apps. But I saved the crash report(deleted UUID), maybe it would help? crash report.txt
  7. If the artboard's position and size doesn't contain decimal and this still happens, I'll just delete that artboard(keep objects) then recreate it. Normally it can be solved.
  8. Affinity Designer craches a lot while switching apps. Mostly it happens like this: Wake computer from sleep, make some changes to the Designer file, switch to other applications, Designer craches. I've saved the system problem report, but I think it had been sent to Affinity already. Mac: 10.14.4 (18E226), Designer: 1.6.1
  9. Deselect everything (click anywhere outside the pages) > Spread Setup > Margins
  10. +1 Document column and text box column is pretty basic for a publication design software.
  11. +1 I used to design posters and brochures for the company, an integrated QR code generate would be very helpful.
  12. You mean this? You can use the Node Tool, click on the shape outline to add anchor points, select the points and press delete to get rid of them. If you create a shape with the shape tool, like the one in your image, you have to click "Convert to Curves" button on the top bar first.
  13. I got some feature requests... 1. Overprint Mode: In Indesign, the shortcut is W. It hides all the guide line so you can see the final result without any distraction, I think this is essential. 2. Bleed View: We've been asking for this since the launch of Affinity Designer, I'm not sure if it is integrated in Publisher cause I couldn't find it. 3. Text Columns: In Indesign, CMD+B, in Publisher, Paragraph Studio. I really hope it'll be possible to get column settings in Paragraph settings and Paragraph Style. 4. Auto resize frame to fit content: In Indesign, Option+CMD+C. This is a tedious and necessary work. 5. Hide texts outside the frame: Instead of seeing a bunch of text hanging outside the frame, I'd rather get a error mark on the frame. Beside that: So... this is how the windows interact now? Instead of sliding down from the top bar, Publisher creates one another floating windows, and they can not be grouped with other "Studio" which is kinda confusing. I've used every Affinity software, including the iPad ones, and Publisher looks promising too! I'll keep updating the post as I learning more about Publisher, thanks for the great work!
  14. I imported the file from PSD, symbol creating, symbol syncing, everything was fine at the time. After the document got more and more complex, I can't create any more symbols somehow, then I noticed when I move the symbol contains pixel layer, it will leave the pixel layer behind or go crazy on everything. I fixed it by replace some of them with vector but symbols stoped to sync, the rest of the symbols contains pixel layer would just crash the application if you move them... After I found out the cause, I copied the symbol to a new document then deleted everything else besides the pixel layer. (The file you see.) As you've noticed, in layers panel, the group shown as symbol, but you can't find it at the symbols panel. And this is another group I copied from the original file, it's detached from the symbol, but it still crashes the application. t02.afdesign I guess it's all about the symbols, it brought down everything.