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  1. @PixelPest Thanks for helping me! By folder, I mean this feature in Indesign: I always working on complex projects, like company white paper, so the documents tend to have tons of paragraph styles. In Indesign, I can manage them with nested folders, so it won't be overwhelming. I can work with text style group, but is there a way to put existing text styles inside the group?
  2. How to create folder in Text Style panel? Didnt' find the group settings in the right hand corner.
  3. Thank you so much! Just saved me a bunch of time!
  4. Couldn't found a way to set the width of paragraph rule. Hope there're settings for it just like Indesign. It's a pretty basic trick to achieve better visual alignment by setting paragraph rule the same width as the column.
  5. Hope Publisher could add the support for Chinese soon. This is the only thing that could stop me from using Publisher completely, since the the layout would be wrongful with Chinese letters filled in. Adding these could help a lot! Avoid putting punctuation marks in the beginning of a sentence. (Needed the most.) Widow and orphan control. Ability to control the padding between East Asian language and other language when they are mixed in a paragraph.
  6. amyas

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    I know, I even purposely switched the language to British English just to feel the sense of classiness again!
  7. amyas

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Just watched the event and brought Affinity Publisher. Congrats and thank you guys! I've been using Affinity series for years, I still remember back then Designer used to spells color as colour.
  8. Just switched to OpenGL, I'll check if it's fixed.
  9. @GabrielM It's been two days, I tested with files and kept them open all the time while doing daily stuff. I think version 1.7 is quite stable, it never crashed.
  10. @GabrielM Just installed. I'll keep a test file open throughout the day.
  11. @GabrielM Just uploaded. Thanks for reviewing them!
  12. @GabrielM It's kinda relevant to how long I kept the files open, the longer I keep them open, more likely the program crashes. As you can see in the screenshot of the crash log, it happens a lot, because I just start using Designer to make illustrations recently, and I seldom quit the program. I can send you all the reports if you need them to diagnose.
  13. @GabrielM Thanks for helping me! I can't constantly replicate, I just found out it normally happens after I woke up the computer and switch between the apps. But I saved the crash report(deleted UUID), maybe it would help? crash report.txt
  14. Affinity Designer craches a lot while switching apps. Mostly it happens like this: Wake computer from sleep, make some changes to the Designer file, switch to other applications, Designer craches. I've saved the system problem report, but I think it had been sent to Affinity already. Mac: 10.14.4 (18E226), Designer: 1.6.1
  15. Deselect everything (click anywhere outside the pages) > Spread Setup > Margins

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