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  1. @Robby Berman Launch it first, then quickly hold down Control.
  2. It happened to me as well, typing, pressing delete or exiting input box can cause the crash randomly, couldn’t find a pattern.
  3. There's at least a 1s lag when changing font color (drag on color wheel, not click), I remember AD changing font color in real time in previous versions. Video: font color.mov
  4. @markw Thanks for the solution! But I have to keep using the public releases since the beta version may cause compatibility issues for my file, hope Affinity could release the fix soon.
  5. Just two ordinary shapes made with the pen tool, but if you try to union them, this happens: Demo file: Boolean Bug.afdesign
  6. I also got this problem, this is the file: StrokeExpandBug.afdesign
  7. @PixelPest Thanks for helping me! By folder, I mean this feature in Indesign: I always working on complex projects, like company white paper, so the documents tend to have tons of paragraph styles. In Indesign, I can manage them with nested folders, so it won't be overwhelming. I can work with text style group, but is there a way to put existing text styles inside the group?
  8. How to create folder in Text Style panel? Didnt' find the group settings in the right hand corner.
  9. Couldn't found a way to set the width of paragraph rule. Hope there're settings for it just like Indesign. It's a pretty basic trick to achieve better visual alignment by setting paragraph rule the same width as the column.
  10. Hope Publisher could add the support for Chinese soon. This is the only thing that could stop me from using Publisher completely, since the the layout would be wrongful with Chinese letters filled in. Adding these could help a lot! Avoid putting punctuation marks in the beginning of a sentence. (Needed the most.) Widow and orphan control. Ability to control the padding between East Asian language and other language when they are mixed in a paragraph.
  11. I know, I even purposely switched the language to British English just to feel the sense of classiness again!
  12. Just watched the event and brought Affinity Publisher. Congrats and thank you guys! I've been using Affinity series for years, I still remember back then Designer used to spells color as colour.
  13. I thought reactions in the forum is unlimited...

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