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  1. Is there not a wishlist place where we can upvote the hell out of this? In the mean time I've fully switched to affinity. But e.v.e.r.y. time I don't spend those 10/20 seconds navigating to the right folder, I end up having to spotlight search for my file...!
  2. Hi, Today I tried to export a graphic in 32bit RGB + transparency tiff, both in Affinity Designer and Photo. In both cases the files opened blank in Photoshop... it would be great to have this fixed! For now I am content with 16bit exports. Thanks, Shivadas
  3. I've downgraded to 1.7.3 via time machine to be able to continue working. Recreating the file again because apparenlty Afpub files are not backwards compatible. Please let me know when the bug is resolved! 1.7.3 is running smooth and fast. Adjustments not applying to bleed when grouped was already a thing in 1.7.3 that I had forgotten and resolved by not grouping. I guess subconsciously I thought it was going to be fixed in 1.8 🙂
  4. So consistently (just tried it in a new file), when I have adjustment layers in the master page, and I turn it on or off, or move it in the layer hierarchy, the adjustment layer resets... Any help here? I use adjustment layers heavily (the reason I switched from InD to AP), and it's driving me mad. For the moment I am switching to the Designer tab and seeing if that works Also, it seems that my adjustment layers since 1.8.1 are not applying to bleed when grouped. Working on macbook pro mid 2015 with dual graphics / 16gb ram
  5. Hi Dominik, Thanks! I have learned how to fix the issue when it happens. usually requires either rebuilding document or deleting some artboards. The reason for this feature request is to have the program, like all other programs, tell me what error is happening, in stead of just saying there was an error. Have a nice day!
  6. This is happening consistently now — where a document somehow gets corrupted (usually with multiple artboards, using elements from photo/designer) and does.not.want.to.export.to.pdf Jpeg export works, but for the life of me I can't figure out why the pdf export doesn't work. Please please please Affinity, could you implement something that at the least gives some kind of error code when something goes wrong? Something that we can then refer to in fora? Because "an error occurred" doesn't really help anybody, if there's no path towards a solution. What error? Out of RAM? Wrong n
  7. Hi, I am thoroughly enjoying Affinity Publisher! The ability for me to add adjustment layers to master pages is incredible! Two features would be so so time saving for me: Relink to a folder. Many times I have an entire folder full of exports of frames from a video I am referencing, that I later want to replace with the color graded version. In Indesign, I kept the filenames the same but could batch re-link resources to another folder. This feature would be a game-changer for me — Affinity already speeds up my workflow compared to inDesign, but with this feature, it would be bl
  8. Hi, I've had this probleem a few times both in Designer and Publisher, where a document just doens't want to export to pdf, in any preset I try. It's always been a document with multiple sized artboards, and some artboards within artboards (which usually doesn't form any problem). When I completely recreate the file from scratch the problem resolves... Is there any way I can find more info other than the error I get for any place I try to export it to? Finder is not the problem as other files save to exactly the same location without error. And it doesn't help to change
  9. Ah, ok! That wasn't clear to me (yet). But the photo/designer functionality is identical (aside for the liquify/export/pixel personas)? Could it then be smarter for me to use Publisher as my main go-to app until I need specific functionality from Designer or Photo? Thanks for the quick reply
  10. Hi, I have all three programs of Affinity installed, but only on Publisher (That I purchased through the serif store, not the app store like the other two) do I get the dynamic studio link... How can I make this work to jump eg. from designer to photo without having to start always from publisher? Is there a way I can transfer my App Store licenses to the Serif Store? Thanks! Shivadas
  11. Is it in any way to add a preference that allows you to choose how precise (how many nrs after the comma) that Affinity displays? For software that incredibly has this infinity zoom, it is counter intuitive to me to only have one unit after the comma. So many times I want to write 1/8th as 0.125 which then displays in the unit box as 0.1, even though it is correctly rendered as 0.125. Definitely with strokes and text sizes, this makes it a bit slow to refine at hairline level
  12. I'm having some trouble with adjustment layers in master pages. A: When grouped, even when the group blending mode is on Passthrough, it doesn't apply in the bleed areas of anything underneath in the master. B: Next to that, when the object/subject is placed outside the masterpage, placed correctly underneath, the adjustment layers don't apply in bleed either. Am I doing anything wrong?
  13. Thanks! I did indeed do this, but would love to know in the future how you could do this more easily! A magic wand maybe, selecting all similar objects? Or group-property changing as it already does beautifully with color?
  14. Hi! I have a document with many different text layers in Designer — the text layers are grouped in various groups, some of them are not. I want to select all the text layers and change the type size for all of them, but wherever the text is grouped, it doesn't seem to resize it or change it at all the only way I can make it work is to select the actual text layers — and not the group. Any way this could be remedied (aside from styles which I'm aware of) Thanks!
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