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  1. Same for me here. Also this is quite annoying and happens once a while (not that often in 1.8 though) Both Windows and macOS version, but macOS version seems less buggy to me.
  2. Well, it's more like Actions set from Photoshop. There is more info in Photo's help section, it's kinda broken into two sections, you record Macros in Macros Studio, but you "play" them from the Library Studio. A bit confusing ux imo. Feel free to check it out.
  3. Hi @Al Edwards. I believe there is a macro set by @Paul Mudditt that allows you to use Text on Path in Photo as well, if that helps.
  4. I am sorry but I have to disagree. Publisher is marketed as a professional publishing software by Serif. Pricing policy is also Serif's. Thus, it should be judged as it's marketed, and not by its price, or am I wrong?
  5. Hi @Eyewaves, without changing any default keyboard shortcuts, try following with your German keyboard layout: Option+[ and Option+] (the original keys as they are placed on the English keyboard, just with the Option modifier). It works with whatever different keyboard layout for me. Hope this helps. Sorry, this no longer works on Mojave nor Catalina
  6. On my MacbookPro 15" 2019 with 32GB RAM it's quite comparable to Affinity Designer. That's enough for me tbh.
  7. Is any of the mentioned features present in AD compared to AI? Is my list somewhat incorrect? Is my reply somewhat unrelated to op's question? Or should I compile a complete list of those features to be more precise? Tbh, the complete list would have over 700 items. You might've missed op's question entirely I guess?
  8. Hi @Ouabrou From my perspective, this is a list of top 10 things that are missing in AD compared to AI: Envelope distortion Mesh gradients Mesh warp Select by same... Offset path Vector blending Ability to export file to PDF "as is" without embedding colour profiles/converting colours Possibility to see the contents the bleed area in multi-artboard mode (you can setup bleed, work with it, but you don't see its content) Possiblity to drag multiple colours in colours panel, rearrange them and work with multiple colour swatches at the same time Possibility to convert any colour to a spot colour (you must create a new swatch to do that) Bitmap tracing Saving/Restoring workspaces Edit: I had to add #11 and #12 since they're major things missing in this comparison.
  9. That's not up to me, but the affinity devs. And I don't want to hijack this thread fyi. I would certainly be happy if it would be possible, and many Illustrator switchers as well. It would certainly help the ux there. Currently, people who are used to do it this way (used to Illustrator's path system need to duplicate the layer, hide the duplicate, then select the original that will disappear, and that's a bit tedious process). I have renewed my CC subscription and use Affinity just for fun once upon a time now, since it's enormously buggy and featureless. I will be happy to get back to AD once basic features like Select by attribute, Offset path, Envelope and mesh vector distortions and vector blending are added since I need those features on a daily basis. Even the bugs I've reported nearly a year ago were stil not fixed. I'm not mad and understand that there are other priorities, but I'm encountering such bugs nearly everytime I use the apps and can't waste my time anymore. Fingers crossed I'm looking forward to some maintenance update that will address all the annoying stuff and allow for a reasonable workflow. Best regards.
  10. I believe it would be beneficial if this feature got an Alt modifier, upon clicking, it would behave the same, upon Alt+clicking, it could keep the path intact (just hide its layer perhaps). Similar to alt-clicking the booleans which results in compound path. It would also be non-destructive as the rest of the app. This may make Illustrator switchers happy while keeping the original workflow intact for those who like this default behaviour. Just my 5 cents.
  11. Hi @DirkV - try to send an mail to affinityorders@serif.com and I'm sure Serif staff will get to you shortly.
  12. @Chris B I would add that loading Additional Dictionaries slows the start substantially.
  13. A free font from Studio Najbrt, funny "COVID INFECTED" is now available to download. https://www.najbrt.cz/en/detail/covid
  14. Bump @Dan C The issue is still present in current version.
  15. Bump @Chris B The issue is still present in current version.
  16. You're right. But I never said they can 😉. It was just my wish, since it would make Publisher superior.
  17. I believe this is another downside of Affinity's layer model tied to a single page/artboard, so it was discussed before, just in a different context (see @JGD's thread I'm linking below). Switching to the "Universal Layers Concept" would fix such issues easily. Well, I hope it's going to happen one day.
  18. Good point. However, 90 % of font foundries allow you to install and use purchased fonts on 5 computers, not just a single one (of course, you can't redistribute and/or share them). So this shouldn't be an issue in this case. It heavily depends on a the fondry it was bought from. There are dozens of versions of Franklin Gothic out there, from Monotype, Linotype, Bitstream, Tilde, Red Rooster, ATF, EF, Scangraphics, DTS, TS, ITC, URW, FF... The outlines are free, just the metrics and font features are different and can be copyrighted (so called font software).
  19. @nole0105 Just copy fonts from your Windows installation to a USB and then install them from there to your mac with Font Book (so you can be sure you have the same versions on both computers).
  20. @jiff Foundry's Nuke can do the job as well. And from free software range, Blender might also work. Anyway - if it's a one-time job, you could probably just use AE trial and then get rid of it.
  21. @jiff I guess you're looking for different kind of software. Perhaps After Effects might be what you're looking for?
  22. Hi @Mr Lucky Just fyi; on both desktop systems (macOS, Windows) in current version 1.7.3 I can see the Margins tab in Document Setup modal (screenshot from Windows since osx screenshot was already posted by @Old Bruce).
  23. I agree, have suggested before to move the View>Studio submenu to main menu for easier access, two less clicks or mouse moves for all the Affinity apps.
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