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  1. Okay I think we can agree on that. I don't think I have ever said that it just disappears. I said
  2. Hi RC-R, if I click "Selection" the curve is automatically deleted, the layer is not there anymore. You can say its converted, yes this is true too. Invisible? I don't agree, the layer has been delete, converted if you want but it has gone. Anyway Jimmy Jack gave me a solution that works for me, I can make a selection and the path remains, hopefully it will work for others too. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hey Jimmy, that's great! Thank you. Yeah not sure what was happening there, it was a group of curves. It works fine on a single curve.
  4. Yes, thanks I get that I have to do something (hack). I'm just surprised that I have to do that. I though that I was missing something but obviously this is how it is made. Thanks for everybody's help.
  5. You do have to do something to save the curve as it is automatically deleted.
  6. Thanks Smadell, that is what I ended up doing. I suppose I just doing see why you would want to delete it. Anyway thank you.
  7. If the pen tool is not active then the selection button disappears?
  8. Well, that would be annoying if that is what happened. Why delete the path, curve you might want to keep it? Anyway what was happening for me is that the layer would delete and no selection was made. I can "hack" it to do what I need another way but I don't like hacks I really want to love this software and I will still keep trying but some things just don't make any sense to me, like the above. Or is there away to simply make a selection and keep the curve? Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi, I have a curves layer, I click the select button and my layer disappears? What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hi Lagarto, thank you for your time on this! You are correct, your "hack" works. I have to say that because your hack works this has to be a bug, in my opinion.
  11. I can make a selection and then fill the selection using inpainting. This works as expected. If I make a selection, transform the selection and then use inpainting the result is not what I would expect, distorted. How can I transform just the selection so that when I fill the area there is no distortion? Maybe this very short (27 seconds) video will explain my problem better? https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcz8qn47ds3jmwv/select.mov?dl=0 Thanks!
  12. Hi, would love to be able to record percentage changes in macros. For example change canvas size: 200% x 200% and record this as a percentage in a macro. (I know that you can update the canvas by 200%. This is simply a request to Affinity that the percentage is recored in a macro and not (for example) the resulting px result). Thanks
  13. Hi, can we have consistency with extensions? When I batch save I get "fileName.tif" When I export I get "fileName.tiff" I would prefer all tif files to be saved with the extension .tif however, the main point is that they are always saved with the same extension. Thanks.
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