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  1. Does anyone have a solution for Mike089123's question of, "Is there any way to retain the groups of the EPS files commonly downloaded from these types of sites, where the author probably made them in illustrator?" I also have this problem and it would really speed up my workflow if there was a solution, or could this be a feature request?
  2. I do have a copy of CS2, so am looking to see if that's going to be of any use to me.
  3. Yes indeedy. Been playing with CA4 for a while now, but for my current little project I am using MOHO 13 Pro.
  4. Hi Dan C, Thanks for the effort you put into that. Unfortunately, it's not quite what I was after. It's probably easier if I explain the end result I am after. I want to eventually save the character as a PSD file, with layers for head, front hair, back hair, eyewhites, eyeballs, eyebrows, ears, nose, torso, limbs, etc. Basically, I want to create a puppet in a set format ready for animation. AND, to top it all, this particular file would never have done what I wanted it to do anyway!!!! I've just realised, as you did, the character isn't a vector!!! Doh! However, your answer has made me think more clearly about checking the make up of the layers in the file I want to extract from and also cleared up using the CTRL key with the selection tool. Clearing the background first is the answer, I think, which makes final selection so much easier. Just tried that on another EPS file and I was able to lift the character with all his layered body parts out really easily once the background was out the way. In closing, you have managed to answer the question I should have asked. So, thank you.
  5. Hi Dan C, Thanks for your response. EPS file attached + license in case anyone wants to use their file. 31705.eps License free.txt
  6. I use EPS files from Freepik quite a bit. When I open the EPS file I am faced with complex layer structures. I am wondering the best way of selecting an area of the image to select just the layers I need, or at least with as few extra bits as possible. An example is the attached image opened in Affinity Designer, then from that I want to select the layers associated with the character shown in the smaller image. I would then create a new file from those layers and edit so that I can use the character in an animation program. The workflow I have works, but the layer selection method I use seems very slow and is quite hit or miss. Any help appreciated.
  7. Problem: Affinity is designed to automatically remove hidden layers when exporting in PSD format. I use Affinity Designer with a program called Cartoon Animator, switching (what should be) seamlessly between the two programs. The problem I have is that Affinity Designer does not save back any unchecked layers, instead ignoring them. This causes problems back in Cartoon Animator. Is there a way of ensuring the unchecked layers are saved back, ie. is there a setting I can tick, or is it possible to add this as a feature? Thank you. As a footnote, I have currently switched to using Clip Studio Paint Pro as it does not present this issue, but I would far rather continue to use Affinity Designer.
  8. Well, shucks! Maybe I should check here more often. I was just installing Scribus to do the work, but this will be better. Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Has there been any development of such a tool yet? Or, can anyone recommend any freeware where I can open an EPS file and make a lasso selection. Thanx.
  10. Okay. Thanks for looking. Can we keep it as a feature request then please? In the meantime, I will learn more about using Photo.
  11. These are the options I have in Designer
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