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  1. Same with Affinity Designer; the option to change default to Selection Without Background would be most useful - even if the programme just remembered what you last used.
  2. Macdonut

    Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Wrong Colors

    Problem now fixed thanks. Changed colour profile to SRGB and restarted both programs. Only able to fix thanks to this forum.
  3. Macdonut

    Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Wrong Colors

    And once again, I am afraid this problem has reared its ugly head yet again. In my case it was working as it should for ages, until today. All of a sudden my colours are not exporting correctly in either png or jpg. The only difference between today and that last time I used Affinity Designer is the latest Windows 10 October Update! I certainly agree with the original OP and MadByte that this program should just work. Gimp, Inkscape, all the freebies work out of the box, so to speak, and I expect a paid for program to do the same.