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  1. Well Mark, I taught Developers for over 25 years so know well that they are likely to not be Legal Experts as well. However 'washing your hands' of the matter when you represent Serif on this Forum is appalling Customer Service (you should have found someone that does know and pasted their response in). Better luck next time with Customer Service, we all live and learn (and work). Few work roles nowadays do not include Customer Service elements and certainly not those on public forums! On a more positive note ... nice Profile picture ... fine dog.
  2. I was editing a scene which I had taken through develop )Nikon Raw file D850) through to Photo persona and had converted to monochrome (via Nik Silver Efex), I had sharpened using using high pass (1 pix - overlay) when I wondered whether haze removal might have a positive effect (distant contrast). Affinity Photo then started analysing (see attachment) before crashing see screen grab of Event manager (2nd attachment). Affinity Photo Win 10 64 bit pro latest version 16gb Ram GTX 760i
  3. Thanks to all that have replied and it is clear (if you excuse the pun) that this is still not clear to all? So may two members (non commercial) of the same household use Affinity on the single licence at the same time? Are their photographs merged by Affinity or can they live on discrete (different) PCs? I think clarification of this is holding up the purchase and uptake of Affinity for some that might change from ADOBE products. Perhaps Mark as SERIF staff can give the definitive answers. Quasi-legal gobbledegook in Licencing terms is never clear.
  4. Firstly apologies for placing question in here but it appears to be impossible to ask a question or start a new topic not about the IPAD. This question concerns the full commercially released Affinity Photo and IS NOT ANSWERED BY FAQS Can two individuals in the same household use a single licence of Affinity Photo. Each individual (my wife and I) own and use a desktop PC and a laptop PC and have our own photograph collections. We are not professionals or commercial. This scenario must be very common. Can any Affinity/Serif Professional answer this or forward on to a responsible person? Thanks.
  5. Exporting a Tif file adds the file type .tiff not .tif I know both are acceptable but .tif is done by everyone else so AFFINITY should conform. cheers Ian