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  1. I just tried this (Mac version, build 337) and can't duplicate it, with either of the text tools. Changing the font before I start typing works - no reversion to Arial and no change to the size if I've changed that. Tried changing the base font to something other than Arial, and once I select a different font, it sticks then too - no reversion. Odd...wonder why some are seeing this and others not?
  2. PaddyD

    Text Wrap Issue

    Ah - good idea. Hadn't thought of that! I was on a bit of a deadline, so ended up just using InDesign again, but going forward, I could definitely do that. But here's hoping they fix it so we don't have to get creative about workarounds. Out of curiosity - I only noticed this bug with the latest version - was it there before? I never did attempt a complete document with it until now though...so not sure what I did and didn't try with older versions.
  3. PaddyD

    Text Wrap Issue

    Same problems here - completely inconsistent and unreliable results with text wrap. I posted about it in an existing thread here: It's definitely a bug - and a big one, that makes it pretty much impossible to use afpub right now for things like newsletters. I *know* we're not supposed to use beta software for "real" things but most of us don't have time to beta-test in spare time on pretend things. I was hoping to transition from ID for a couple of newsletters I do on a regular basis, but can't quite do it until this issue is fixed. I need my hair.
  4. I'm adding some screen shots to illustrate the issues. The first one - you'd think, wouldn't you, that you'd have a nice 1/4" offset to the left and top of that photo, no? And note the caption text box on the bottom - see where the text is? For unknown reasons, there is an offset on the bottom, where there isn't supposed to be any. And then there is the second screen shot - the ONLY way I could get any left offset was to add some on the right. And yet, on another photo on a different page, with all the same settings as the first one here, the wrap does work. And btw - changing the "both sides" to "largest side" and back again did nothing at all. It still wasn't working as it should be.
  5. Yes - I'm seeing the exact same BIZARRE behaviour. It's damn near impossible to get it to work properly - I change the right offset and the left moves. Or doesn't move at all. Or they all move - whether the lock is set or not. The lock doesn't work - half the time it does the opposite of what is expected. Of course, sometimes, just to make things interesting, it decides to actually do what you want. This is MUST FIX item - I simply can't make it behave. I've been tearing my hair out thinking *I* was doing something wrong, but nope - it's something very wrong in afpub. FYI, in case it's OS-specific: I'm using a Mac running High Sierra.
  6. Yes - PLEASE implement something like the OP is suggesting. Text columns are NOT what I need - I need LAYOUT columns - in the background. Pretty please, with brown sugar on it. A grid system is no substitute for the ease with which one can do this in InDesign, and it's a really basic need (heck...Quark had it back in the dark ages...).