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  1. Thanks for all your help! That is exactly what I did: I chose both lines of the URL then went to Interactive -> Create Hyperlink and set the correct URL. But in the end I only get the first part of the URL. Don't know why! And further, behind "Foto 1" is also a link that is correctly set in the afpub-file but doesn't work in the pdf anyway.
  2. Many thanks for the hints! But the links don't work properly. If I have a URL, for example xyz.com/document.pdf, and put the same URL as a link, it works. But if I have any text and put the link there, it doesn't always work, although it is placed in the afpub-file. (See the attached pdf. All "Foto X"-Texts have a link, but not all work. If you look in the right column, it says "Department of Theological Concerns der Weltweiten Evangelischen Allianz". After that there is a URL. Although the URL is "www.worldevangelicals.org/pdf/....pdf" and is set in the same way in afpub, the page "www.worldevangelicals.org" is called. Kopie.pdf
  3. Hello, I've noticed another problem in Affinity Publisher – or two: 1. If I set links, the links are not always available in a pdf file created from the afpub-file. 2. If I crate a list with bullets and give the first word(s) another color (e.g. it is a link), the bullet gets the same color. I did not find a way to change the color of the bullet independently of the text. Is this a bug or is there a way to manage it? Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I start using Publisher Beta, but when I try to handle the "text wrapping" it doesn't really work. If I change the distance from the text on the left, the text on the right moves. If I do it on the right it seems as also the text on the right moves. Is this issue known? Thanks!