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    Fur and hair brushes

    Thanks, for sharing, I'm currently looking for it..
  2. hengkidh

    Hide pages

    Is there any? I need it now.
  3. Agree. I designed a design on Affinity Designer, and copy-paste it to Affinity Publisher. I have to drag the Masterpage to the top manually. Is there any option to make Masterpage in the top position by deffault?
  4. Go and get both Photo and Design using Black Friday discount and you will be happy to know there are good programs for photo and design in low price.
  5. hengkidh

    editing text

    Stored or rasterized?
  6. hengkidh


    So far. I have no problem with Affinity Designer on macOS Mojave.
  7. Did your cursor turned into something like in the screenshot I attached? If so, then you have to deselect the rectangle first.
  8. Maybe, a screenshoot would help. Do you mean the text goes over (to the right of) the text-box itself when it should continue to bottom?
  9. I'm not a fan of combining photo since the memory seems 'unreal' for me . I did it for client only. And.. that method should work.
  10. hengkidh

    Need Advice!!!

    If you're doing more in vector-based illustration, I'll suggest Affinity Designer. Few years ago, I learned graphic design by seeing Youtube (with the right keyword). But, a paid lesson is also good. It's worth the money if you just started everything.
  11. Then, let's wait for the release of the Affinity Publisher. Can't wait for the discount stuff.
  12. I pressed \ on my keyboard.
  13. I have the latest Affinity Designer on Mac and also macOS Mojave. Those 'popups' are not 'black' yet. But, it is not a big deal.
  14. hengkidh

    Adding pages

    You're welcome. Glad to hear that.
  15. hengkidh

    Adding pages

    Double-click on your new page and click on Spread Setup... Change the Dimension to portrait by checking Portrait. Is that what you mean?
  16. A discount would be appreciated.
  17. Great to hear that since I missed the discount for AD a couple weeks ago.
  18. It will be more easier if you mention your budget.
  19. Is there a way to add Indonesian Language dictionary to Affinity Designer (MAC version)?
  20. That's right. I'm going to revise it. Thanks @firstdefence
  21. It can be done by using pen tool. Here's the way I know. First, make a line using pen tool. Click on the Stroke size. Click on Properties. Set Size Variance to about 80% or more. Click Close. Now, play with Pressure.
  22. Oh, thanks, @walt.farrell You saved my life. I don't event notice that there's a language options in Character. The case is solved.
  23. Hi @walt.farrell I've tried the method on that post. I'm able to spell check using Indonesian in some application such as Chrome, textEdit. But, still unable to do spell checking on Affinity Designer. I did these following steps: Downloaded the dictionary (tried both OpenOffice and LibreOffice repository). Copied the file to spelling folder on mac. Change the Spelling on System Preferences, Keyboard, Text to Indonesia (Library). I tried to put the .aff and .dic files in the spelling folder or in a folder named id and id_ID. Thanks.
  24. Thanks walt.farrell. I've tried to find the 'location for additional dictionaries' that you've mentioned, but I can't find it everywhere in the Preferences (I've been looking at the whole tabs). Here's the screenshot of my Tools under Preferences.