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  1. Thank you for this. I seem to remember a feature like this in InDesign. It would be nice to have.
  2. Is it possible to create a non printing text box on Pub. I would like to have something like a field for the Work Page Number that will not print out.
  3. I have versions for Photo and Publisher. Studio still does not work. Tried opening different combos. W7
  4. I just downloaded my copy of Publisher and Photo both and tried to switch apps in Pub. But all that comes up is an add to buy Pub and Design.
  5. I just found and downloaded the installation file and all is working. Thanks for getting back to me. All is working well
  6. I posted this somewhere else on forums After downloading and updating Photo it has disappeared off my computer. Only shortcuts left. How do I download the installation program?
  7. PDF Does that change things? I have not dealt with printers for 10 years or so.
  8. Thanks to all. So a printer can take my PDF file and print it A3?
  9. I designed a booklet A4 facing pages but when it is printed out it prints facing pages on the same A4 sheet. Can I change the spread setup?
  10. Errol

    Find and replace text

    The version I have is
  11. Errol

    Find and replace text

    I tried to replace This with Now. I tried it again and it froze. Could it be my computer?
  12. Errol

    Find and replace text

    I created this file and tried it again. It seems to work well if there is only one text box in the file. When there are two the programs freezes on 'replace all' Test file.afpub
  13. I opened the file that I was working on and many of the 't's were replaced with a capital 'A' with an accent. There were a few other ones as well.
  14. While the Replace button works well the Replace All button freezes the program.