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  1. PDF Does that change things? I have not dealt with printers for 10 years or so.
  2. Thanks to all. So a printer can take my PDF file and print it A3?
  3. I designed a booklet A4 facing pages but when it is printed out it prints facing pages on the same A4 sheet. Can I change the spread setup?
  4. The version I have is
  5. I tried to replace This with Now. I tried it again and it froze. Could it be my computer?
  6. I created this file and tried it again. It seems to work well if there is only one text box in the file. When there are two the programs freezes on 'replace all' Test file.afpub
  7. I opened the file that I was working on and many of the 't's were replaced with a capital 'A' with an accent. There were a few other ones as well.
  8. While the Replace button works well the Replace All button freezes the program.
  9. I could use a work area around the document. Can I do this in Publisher?
  10. Is there a way to have a work space around an publisher document where I could store items?
  11. Thanks firstdefence. I was doing this as a workaround.
  12. Can I use NIK filters as live filters like in PS where if you work on a smart layer, Nik shows as a smart filter.
  13. Thanks carl123. It works but I cannot assign the macro to a keystroke it seems. It is still a workaround.
  14. Thanks but I still want an text layer so I can manipulate it to suit the image.