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  1. Ok I did it, as you see. I added the apples basket at the bottom left corner. Thx Affinity, now I am going to print and give my grandmom.
  2. I saw many photos of cosmos but yours are the best I ever seen. Very nice.
  3. Hi my friends This is my first project in Affinity Photo. This picture is so old that even hard to say how. The people in the picture are my ancestors. One of women keep some newspaper and I know it is "GAZETA ŚWIĄTECZNA" which was released from 1891 to 1944 so this photo has over 74 years old. I am doing it for my 87 years grandmother. I hope she will be happy. It is not finished yet but I would like to share now.
  4. Hi, just checked my issue and have no idea what happend yesterday after fresh installation of AP. I spent over 2 hours in AP discovering it. I watched some tutorials on Youtube at the same time and I was confused because my "adjustments tab" didnt work. More...when I tried to do some tone mapping (persona) I hadn't any presets as well. I turn off my PC yesterday and just now turn ON and guess what ..... everything works fine. Can you tell me if I installing AP everything is ready just form very begining or it making some downloads in backgrounds while my work ? BTW: I still cant belive
  5. Thx for answers. I am at work now but will check after. This pic is just some internet shoot of app took just for illustrate my problem. Thx.
  6. Hi I am a newbie user of AP. I did a lot in Adobe but after 1 week of testing AP demo I change my mind. I already checked and know many options in Affinity but one is too complicated for me. Should be so easy but.... I open some jpg, duplicate and I want to add some adjustment. On the right side of screen I have section with adjusments, layers, effects.... So I am going to adjustments on my duplicated layer and clicking any of adjustment there but it doesn't response ? If I click small icon at the bottom it works, but this tab cannot give me access. What for it is or what
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