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  1. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Ok. Please remember that I don't have rights for distribution, as I mentioned, so this is just for diagnostic purposes and should be deleted when complete. On a related note: there were some strange formatting issues with upper and lower casing as well that only showed in Affinity, not PDF viewers, but I solved these by first opening it in Preview, then exporting it to PDF. Thanks for looking into this.
  2. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Still no go, I'm afraid. It seems to work on the 2 pager sample I produced, but not the original PDF (several hundred pages). I suppose this is just an oddity in the way the original PDF is formatted, or I supposed it would be more prevalent. Thanks for your help.
  3. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Sadly, I wasn't able to duplicate your success in the original document. After more experimentation, I did find something else however: the results are returned when half the font size is specified. That is, in the final step of the example I gave above, searching for a font size of 9 pts will return the two elements that are 18 pts. Hope this helps.
  4. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Thanks. I'll give that a shot and see if solves the problem for me.
  5. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Okay. It's definitely something inside of the file. I've squashed it down to two pages, replaced the text with nonsense, and I've attached it. Here's a simple example using Find -> Format: Font family: Helvetica Neue LT Std; Font traits: 97 Black Condensed; This works fine. When I search it returns 5 results: two are 18 pts, two are 10 pts; one is 9.5 pts. Now I go back to the Find -> Format settings and add the "18 pt" Font size option to the existing options. The result is (which, clearly should return two results): <No results found> I've updated to, BTW. Hope this helps. textSearch.afpub
  6. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Testing Affinity Publisher (Mac) Auto-Update

    Worked well for me.
  7. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    I'd like to to solve the issue, but I'm not the original author of the PDF and don't have distribution rights. (I'm updating the original with published errata for personal use). I'll try to reproduce it in a smaller formate with the text changed.
  8. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    It does seem to be related to the PDF I've imported. I created a new document and put in text with varying fonts, size, and colors and was able to successfully search all kinds of combinations, but the going back to .afpub document that was the original PDF and these features definitely don't work on it.
  9. Jim (at OnyxRing)

    Advanced features of Text Search not working

    Huh. It's still not working for me, even with the latest version. I wonder if its a document size issue? I'm working an an imported PDF of approximately 700 pages.
  10. I also would like the ability to create editable PDFs. To be clear: I love the Affinity product line and will buy this when it is released regardless. But it's definitely a nice to have, and something that I would use.
  11. The text search looks amazing, but not all of the options seem to work. For example: 1. Using "format" option under Find, I was able to identify text with specific fonts, but when I add a font-size, the results go to zero. 2. The color option seems to not work. When looking for text of a specific color, even if I match the color using the RGB slider, returns no results. 3. Also, the style search options are cool, letting you narrow searches down to text that has a specific style applied; however, it would be useful to also designate an option for "No style" applied. These would help significantly when cleaning up a large document and retroactively applying styles to text that was previously formatted manually.
  12. Steps to reproduce: 1. Open a PDF document. -> The dialog to match fonts that are not installed on the system will present itself. 2. Open the system application Font Book.app -> Font Book app opens 3. Add a new font to Font Book -> Font gets added to the system; Publisher presents a tool box which indicates it is updating fonts. Publisher is now (mostly) frozen. The "updating fonts" dialog never goes away and you can do nothing in the application until you kill it from Activity Monitor and restart it.