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  1. I think he gave a very elaborate answer why giving you the brushes for free is not going to help you much. If you have bought Affinity Designer or Photo, there are already a good array of brushes to get you started with whatever it is you want to make. If you don't yet know what you want the use the brushes for, try them all out, see what they do. Try to recreate works by others to see how they can be used. As a brush collector and sometimes brush creator I can understand the desire to try new tools all the time, but really if the structure, the idea and the hard work is not there, none of these brushes will help you archieve real growth.
  2. Thank you. I hope this can be changed so it is less obtrusive. It should only be visible when rezising the brush in my Opinion. It makes no sense to have it there otherwise. It is annoying and distracting to have it pop-up everytime I finish a stroke or pan the canvas. EDIT: this is still there in the latest Beta. Should I make a thread there to bring it to the attention?
  3. I made this illustration based on a picture book from the 1960s with illustrations made by Doris Dumler. I tried to recreate it using Designer, usng the Shinznizzle styles for texture and patterns. It was interesting how a convincing mid-century look can be recreated.
  4. Thank you very much. I was trying to create this vintage feel from old posters and matchboxes and stuff. Trying to create the small imperfections in vectors to make it believable is what I am trying to work on.
  5. To battle procrastination, I recreated this illustration in Affinity Designer, only in the Vector persona. I tried to archive a vintage and organic looking illustration using only vector tools and assets. Only raster addition are some grainy PNG texture overlays. I hope you enjoy it.
  6. One really annoying bug (feature??) in Affinity Designer on ipad is the constant return of the brush size indicator in the middle of the screen. Every time I pan or zoom or rotate the canvas while using the brush tools it is shown, which is just very distracting and annoying. The only time this needs to be visible is whan I change the brush size, otherwise there is no logical reason for it being there.
  7. I created this illustration using only the vector tools in Affinity Designer. I created the shapes of the 3 colors with the pen tool first. Then I played around with the colors. To be able to create a less clean look I then created new layers/groups for each color using the previously created shapes to create a mask. Of course I could have used the raster tools now to create natural textures, but this time I wanted to try if I could create a good result using vector brushes to fill the shape. I must say I am quite pleased with the result, with the big benefit of being able to easily edit the strokes and the colors afterwards. Also, it is a pretty fast way to fill larger shapes with a non uniform fill. Now that we have the select same fill/stroke color it is even easier to make changes. I hope you like it!
  8. I would love to see something like procreates quick shape feature, but for the vector pencil and perhaps vector brush. I think it would be very useful to quickly create circles, ellipses, triangles and other shapes while simply drawing them. Plus and because they are vectors, they can then be edited in every way you would want.
  9. Why does this have to take long? Keyboard shortcuts are essential for a quick workflow, even on iPad, so not having all the options is a pain. I use Clip Studio Paint on iPad and Mac, and the whole experience is just seemless. I don't see why Affinity can not do the same? Is it for lack of resources? If so, this could really become an achillis heel in the success of the Affinity apps. You built a great foundation, but it still needs work on details in various apps, as well as more consitency across the suite to really knock it out of the park. I know this is a huge project, but users like me have been waiting for many years for basic functions to be implemented in Designer and it's not happening for some reason. I truly hope that development will not slow down now the apps are all pretty successful, as you got something very good that could be great if you put a bit more energy and resources into the thing.
  10. It sort of does. I understand why there is not a direct connection to the devs, as it would suck up all their time. What I am interested in is, if the suggestions made are read by anyone, if they might be considered. It would be helpful to have some kind of development plan/roadmap for the app, to see what the devs are considering for the next updates. If there is one, could you please point me where it is.
  11. Well yeah I have done so every time to see if changes were made, but this has pretty much remained the same since they dropped the app. I hope this is not an area of development which will take affinity several years to get on top off.
  12. Hello Dan C, thanks for your response. I was not sure in which place this would get the attention. This forum here is very big, and responses are sometimes hard to come by. If you have a better idea how to contact the devs on issues like these, please inform me.
  13. I am sorry to be negative on this forum, as in general I like most of the things in the Affinity Suite, but the tables function in Publisher just leaves way to much to be desired. I have commented on this issue before, but besides some small bug fixes it is still generally the same deal. I have a project I am working on that includes many specifically formatted tables which occur many times in the report, each with different data, but the same setup. I started this recurring project in Indesign 2 years ago and was hoping to transfer it to Publisher, as I still work with an old Indesign version and it is not very smooth. Publisher is much smoother overall. However I cannot get the tables to work as they do in Indesign, however way I try. I have several problems. First thing is that it is very hard to get the column widths as i want them. It works very different from indesign and I just find it very frustrating. When I create a table with a specific nr. of rows and columns the entire table has a specific width and each column has a uniform width. Now I want to make specific column to right of the one I widened gets squished... When I try instead to first change the width of the right most column, the table as a whole changes size...? I have no idea why this makes any sense at all. I have been working with tables in indesign for years, so perhaps I just don't understand what Publisher is doing? The only wy to archieve the result I want is to drag the width of the table wider then I will use it in the end, and then change the width of each column from left to right. But this is very inflexible, and if I want to change the width of a column later it will always affect the other columns. I find this highly frustrating. The other big problem is the text formatting within the table. I have use several text styles within the same table, so I have created a basic table in the way I want it to look. Now I will paste the data from Excel into the table, but this is where the problem occurs: All the pasted text will have the style of the upper left most cell. It completely ignores all the local formatting I have done. This creates a lot of unnecesary work to adjust the table the way I want it to be again. The only partial solution was to use the table style dialog and create a separate style for each table with text style assigned to the right cell. So when I have my table defined in this way I can paste the data and apply the table style. But this is quite unintuitive and gives me new problems with regards to lines. If I have have certain cells with and certain cells without border lines, it will not retain these local formatting. I have no idea why these things have to be so complicated. It is these things that keep me from using Publisher for this project, which is a great shame. Can you tell me if you are working on improving the tables in the near future?
  14. I have seen some weird bugs with shortcuts in the latest App Store version of Designer. Designer does not seem to save my shortcuts when I close the app. I tried to change the pixel tool to N, but whenever I close it, it is back to B again. I also noticed some other weird stuff where I could add shortcuts to tools from the Designer Persona to the pixel persona... (See screenshot). I tried to add one, and it worked too (I added Ü to use the pie tool, and I could use the pie tool while in the pixel persona) This is not how this is supposed to work, is it? After I quit designer and restarted it, the Pie tool was in the Designer short cuts list twice...😩 I guess that a preferences file is corrupted or something? Please help me with this.
  15. Thanks, I never considered looking at that panel, I will try it.
  16. When I create a circle to use for a text on a path, but it has a line and/or stroke before I use the text tool on it, this formatting is preserved when I put text inside it. This would not be such a problem, even if it makes little sense to me, however I can not change the properties of the shape after I added the text: I can only change the text properties, but I can not access the shape properties. It would be more sensible to me if the shape defaults to have no stroke or fill when I put text on its path.
  17. I have seen the same comments in the Designer Bugs forum: the boolean operation are broken in Publisher 1.8, at least for shapes. Check out the attached video. First I combined 2 shapes, which seems OK, but when I subtract, XOR or divide, the shape breaks and straight edges become curves. It is the same when I convert the shapes to curves before the operation. However, when I create shapes with the pen tool I have not seen the same problems. booleanbug.mov
  18. Make sure to get a hold of the script to batch convert many INDD files to IDML https://redokun.com/resources/batch-convert-idml-file
  19. Posting something in the feedback section is like screaming in a void, there is no one there to hear you or at least let you know people read what you wrote. Very disappointed!
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