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  1. I work in various file sizes because I use Publisher to design multiple items (flyers, stickers, tickets, business cards, etc.), and to set up a preset as a workaround for every document would be counterproductive. I would like to just set the default to inches and go from there, not have to change a document to inches every time I create a new one. They've taken everything that was in Page Plus and either complicated it or added many more steps to it.
  2. Can't simply change the units, and their response is "Everyone should be using metric units!". It seems that Serif has taken everything and added 10 steps to it. Going to keep using Page Plus for now.
  3. I know this thread is old, but I would love to be able to set the default to every document, in publisher, to inches. I tried setting my first document to inches, then saving it, then opening a new document, and the settings went right back to millimeters. I work in inches, my suppliers and vendors work in inches, and my clients work in inches. I need inches. 🙂
  4. I opened a 32 page publication as a PDF file in AP and there were no issues other than some minor cleanup work that needed to be done, and it handled all 32 pages without memory issues.
  5. I have years worth of publications, forms, etc. that I have created in Page Plus, would love to be able to open these and not have to start over.
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