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    Sheared font printing incorrectly

    Manually updated to 257. The shearing bug for 'Just' & 'Thing' has been squashed and it works fine. However, the lettering for 'ONE' is still unresolved (same appearance).
  2. I printed direct from Publisher on an HP Laserjet M551 and discovered two issues :- The sheared writing ('Just' and 'Thing') appears to be stepped - the letters themselves have not distorted, but merely printed normally, but on a sloping baseline. (The only applied effect is the shear.) The rotated writing ('ONE') has slightly rotated the baseline of each individual letter indeendently, and has made the letters thicker so that they touch one another. (The only applied effect is the rotation.) Workaround is to export PDF and then print, but obviously it's still a bug for fixing.
  3. Warning message: This would be more helpful if it stated the reason (in my instance because the PDF file with that name was already open in another application).