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  1. Will affinity allow me to set inches as the default unit so all photos open with inches selected?
  2. I use Microsoft IME for inputting Japanese characters. When I tried a test I found that I could not bold the Japanese characters. I chose MS IME for Japanese, set the font to MS PMincho, selected text, typed in the characters I wanted (worked exactly as expected), tried to bold the character and bold was not enabled in AD. Neither was Italics. The underline function was present and works. I use this IME regularly and all functions are implemented within other products, MS Word, Serif DrawPlus, etc. I see from the language selections that you are aiming this at the Japanese market - this functionality might be important for fixing or implementing asap. Thank you, Bri-ko
  3. Looong time user of DrawPlus - like what I've seen of Affinity, much more responsive than DP8. Would like to see a fix/enhancemet for the ruler graduations. I have a real problem trying to read the font against the background of the ruler - need to adjust the size of the font too. I use inches often and would like to see graduations in 8th 16th, etc. An option for ruler graduations for inches in both decimal and fractions. Would also like to be very precise on setting the ruler lines. A ruler dialog would be nice to allow the precise location of the ruler lines or perhaps something like the transform function. May already be addressed but it would be good to be able to center on ruler lines to locate graphics exactly where I want them. Perhaps highlight the object(s), mouse to the ruler line desired, press ctrl+something to select the ruler line, and then click on center object and have it center to that selected line. All in all I'm impressed - good work, looking forward to additional improvements/enhancements!. Bri-ko.
  4. I have been a long time user of DrawPlus and have made some birthday cards front and back. In DrawPlus I set them up as two pages and was able to print them as page 1 and 2 - front and back of the paper. With Affinity I started by publishing the card from DrawPlus into a PDF file, I then started Affinity and opened the PDF file. In the work space I see both pages but when I went to print it only printed a single page and that was part of page one and part of page two. Is there a way to page things in Affinity to accomplish what I want? TIA, Bri-ko
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