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  1. Mark, I have a couple of comments. First, is topaz Labs uses hardware acceleration for their AI products and it works on AMD GPUs. Why is affinity Photo not able to do it while theirs does? Are they using different hardware functions? Second, Topaz also uses Open VINO acceleration for CPU processing which is much faster than without it. It works on AMD and Intel CPUs. Can you use this to speed up the processing of CPUs? Ron
  2. Thanks Mark for the update. I wondered why I still could not get HW acceleration in v19.1
  3. I assume you checked your preferences > Photoshop Plugins to make sure they are reading the proper directories. Mine shown below.
  4. Serif is not clear on their location unless you look in Careers. Isn't there eBay in the UK?
  5. Make sure you develop the RAW photo (not cancel). After returning to the main persona, if the plugins are grayed out then right click on the thumbnail icon (in layers) and choose Rasterize. This often helps. In 1.9 I don't have the problem with Sony RAW (ARW) but I get it when I paste a photo from the clipboard.
  6. Ryzen 5 2600X CPU and AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU. Benchmark with Acceleration enabled but AP is slow.
  7. I don't know if this will help but here is my log file. I'm on windows 10 20H2, RX5600XT GPU and Ryzen 2600X CPU. I have switched off hardware acceleration due to slow response. Log.txt
  8. Mark Ingram Can you confirm that after you've loaded a DNG or RAW the first time, subsequent loads are fast? Yes, the subsequent loads are fast.
  9. Further testing shows that nearly every function is delayed. Loading a new blank canvas, rotating it 90 deg. and start painting with a brush. Each thing was delayed like the program was going to some subroutine then coming back. Once something like painting came back it ran faster than the non accelerated mode. I also tried effects like bevel and they were delayed as well. Win 10 20H2 with Radeon RX5600 XT GPU and Ryzen CPU.
  10. I posted the same issue yesterday on a different thread. Loading a DNG or RAW file into v1.9.0 is extremely slow (unusable) when hardware acceleration is enable. I have a Ryzen 2600X CPU and Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU.
  11. With the Hardware acceleration enabled the loading of these files is very slow and getting through development (I didn't try to go any further) was also very slow. I'm on Windows 10 x64 with a Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU (6 GB of video ram). Unchecking the enable acceleration and restarting fixes the problem. Something is very wrong wit the new hardware feature for Windows. I tried rebooting the computer but this made no difference. CPU Ryzen 2600X with 32 GB RAM.
  12. There are a lot of good things about Affinity Photo but in some areas it falls behind Photoshop. With a new version on the way, I hope some of these things were fixed. Macro recording and playback really needs improvement and is too limited. 1) Document and canvas resize won't allow resizing by % 2) The Macro recording is quite poor compared to Photoshop scripts. Can't copy/paste image layer (Macro will paste the same image copied during recording). 3) Can't record a fill layer with a selected color. 4) Can't record moving an adjustment layer to be a child of another layer. 5) No ability to pause/continue macro playback. No ability to insert note instructions. 6) Can't record use of plugins with settings (Photoshop can). 7) Once a step is recorded in a macro, it can't be deleted, just unchecked. To shorten the macro, you must start over. 8) Selection visibility should be able to be turned off and on while still active.
  13. I thought I did that but I will be sure to check it the next time it happens. Thanks.
  14. The standard text tool sometimes will not show any text when using. I can draw the text box and a color is set but when typing there is no text and deleting the layer and trying again has the same result. I'm using a font (usually Segoe script) but have tried others when the problem occurs and none work. The text layer is on top and if I switch to the Artistic text tool it will work. I'm on a Windows 10 machine and Affinity Photo ver 1.6.5 which was an update.
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