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  1. I found that my two plug-ins, Topaz and NIK collection, had just disappeared from my plug-ins on preferences. Re-installed them and the NIK works fine but the topaz gives me a ''Error: launch plug-in failure'' message. Have re-installed Topaz several times and still get the same message. Any ideas how to solve it. Andy
  2. Where can I find a simple list of Affinity Photo version updates ? I am working on version and naively thought I would be updated automatically. I think I have to download a newer version myself so where can I find the latest proven to work update ? Many thanks, Andy
  3. I down loaded the above set of free brushes from 7th Season Studios and the site tells me I have downloaded it successfully but I cannot find to install in Affinity Photo it on my computer. Has anyone else downloaded this file and where did they find it ? Thanks, Andy
  4. YES ! Thank you toltec. I don't know how I managed to lose it but that's something new to remember. Thanks again.
  5. Sorry IanSG. Was one of the first things I did. I can see the Lens Details Tones Overlays in order, alter the order, as there's space but no sign of the Basic tab.
  6. I have open Affinity Photo and in the develop persona I have found the basic tools missing. Lens Details Tones Overlays are there in order but Basic tab is not ! I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas please, where I can get it back ? Andy
  7. AH HA ! Thanks for the clues. I found the pixel layer was locked ! Now just to remember to unlock it ! Many thanks again
  8. I'm trying out a trial of Affinity Photo at the moment and getting along quite well with the tutorial videos. But I cannot get the selection brush to to select anything ! I can op[en a photo and without doing anything, select the selection brush and try to select the sky or anything and it doesn't do anything ! Any clues ? Thanks Andy