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  1. Ok I think I got something. I own a Lenovo computer. Which install custom graphic card drivers... And obviously they are not up to date. But Intel setup does not allow me to replace it with a standard version. So bad... I have the same type of issue with Open CL with another software. So I think the problem is not affinity but Windows support for OpenCL...
  2. Yes disabling OpenCL solved the problem. As mebtiined, my graphic card does not support. Indeed, an improvement can be done in the hardware compatibilty detection. So simple to say... 🤣
  3. Hi Chris Sorry, my comment was not at the right place. You were right to move it 😊 So let's try and it works! OK sorry I missed this and thank you for being kinder than I was 😉 So, my graphic card is the problem : Intel HD Graphics 520. Shame on me as I also use another software for my RAW files. Their new version also uses some new graphic card acceleration which... slows down with mine. Should have think before speaking... Well, at least, if other users have the same issues do they know what to do. Thanks again Chris.
  4. My problem could be solved by uninstalling and making a new installation of the previous version and hopefully could still have fun with 1.8.5 As for the 1.9, I ran out of patience due to its poor performance. If it can still be called "performance" when you have enough time to prepare you coffee and drinking it just by the time you try to change the brush color or just navigating through studios panels. Everything is so slow you can't do anything with this version.
  5. The new version is just impossible to use. Time up to 1 minute just to change the brush or its color. Everything is way too slow.
  6. Installed and removed this piece of c**p after 20 minutes. Could have been shorter if it was able to just change my brush in less then 5 minutes... Hope I can go back to previous version.
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