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    2019 A4 Calendar

    Thank you PaulEC for the two publisher templates. I have managed to use (after much trial and error) both to produce a current calendar for 2019 (a month per page) using my own photos and event information. It was a good way to start finding my way around Publisher - my first attempt in fact. File attached will show the result for January 2019 starting with the P1 version. Because my photos are in 3:2 aspect ratio this meant a large gap between the adjusted picture frame and the monthly details and it took me a while to find out how to adjust the size of the monthly details and how to fill new details in the day squares but I got there so thank you again. The photo used appears to be quite noisy but zoom to full page and it looks fine and it prints fine too - might be something to do with Acrobat Reader. January2019.pdf
  2. I've been playing around with writing some macros and have decided to share six of them. 1-4. Turn your pic. into a presentation A4 photo with a white canvas border having room to enter text beneath and a thin black border around the pic. to make it stand out. Four options to cover Landscape or Portrait for both 3:2 aspect ratio and 4:3 aspect ratio as determined my your camera. 5. Alpha Channel Sharpening - gives a final delicate sharpening to your photo. 6. Colour Sketch - turn any colour photo into a 'sketch'. Final output will need to have the black level adjusted (Adjustment layer, Levels, Black Level) to suit different photos. Likely it would also work with black and white photos but I haven't tried that. Tested with AF Photo 1.6 and the beta version of 1.7. I hope they prove useful. Dennis-Photo.afmacros