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  1. having a weird issue - have the latest build

    I have a stroke on a line and I have also used the pressure graph on the original line to go from thick to thin back to thick - but when i export it into print PDF the line pressure no longer outputs and it reverts to the underlaying line weight - i have tried - expand stroke and for some reason convert to curves is greyed out???? i have also tried other formats on export and eachtime the pressure stroke reverts to a single thine line - the only time it worked on export into PDF is when i had an effect of a gradient fill and then pdf just converted it to raster output.




  2. I would love to see added to the marks is fold lines and even the possibility for die cuts and preferations added to the printers marks on pdf export - BTW it looks great and love how familiar it feels - looking forward to your final squishy brick company ;)  killer - A motion graphics / video editor 


  3. yes thats how it used to work for me with the bottom artboard in the layers was the first page (only been using Affinity for a short while) but for some strange reason it would not render out all the pages in the pdf export with all pages selected it would just duplicate the front page for every page - really weird and thanks for the compliment MikeW the client loved it too - im in the process of transferring my studio across from Adobe and love working in Affinity - just need to sort out these weird little unexpected things - i dont know if its the Big A making updates to theirs that's deliberately causing havoc for Affinity or my quirky way of doing things on the fly. 

  4. I did use the File export function and not the persona one, and i set up the pdf for print output in the options output.

    I did create a unique artboard without importing elements into it for the cover page and only used the elements needed for it unlike what i did for the catalogue pages. When i built the artboard i did have all the content in and then i duplicated each one then deleted the unwanted items from each artboard. im guessing this is where it went wrong and somehow nested the contents - it was a very unexpected outcome and a possible issue within Affinity designer to keep an eye out for. Ohh and using the latest build of Designer too btw.

  5. Hi i have just put together a multipage pdf using the artboard method and when the file opens up in acrobat it goes through a multiimage render assembly process of every image in the pdf - i have never seen this happen before - Please have a look at the pdf and tell me if its doing strange things on your machine (im running on a win10pro 64bit with acrobat pro CC) when i exported the pdf from designer using the all pages function it would render all the pages the same as the front cover - so my only way to export individual pages was one by one out of designer and then assemble the pages in acrobat. i never had to do that before in the last build any ideas folks and are anyone else having issues with the VERY important PDF export fuctions?

    Please dont spam the owner with dubious prints requests :) unless of course you want to buy something then she would be very happy to oblige :)

    Harmonic Blueprint Orderform.pdf

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