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  1. +1, it was very handy. Albeit there is a little button which toggles between Group/Ungroup (top-middle).
  2. Thanks Mike. Spot on. 'Help' needs an update.
  3. Can you make the mouse>right-click dropdown options a bit more appropriate. e.g. when you put cursor in ruler section or on an image or text box. PP gave appropriate options and made life easier. I can't understand why this has gone as it was so useful.
  4. I can't find an Import option and Affinity Help has left me scratching my head. The 'Help' says File>Open etc. Yes, it opens the PDF but in a new document. Then I have to select whatever, copy & paste into the Affinity document. Old PagePlus allowed you to directly import with a minimum of clicks. Real easy and logical. What's the easiest way?
  5. Sorry if mentioned before... or I've missed some option. Is it possible to add some mouse-right-button smarter linking? For example PP7; right-click on the ruler and ruler options appear. The right-click in PP gave some sensible context related short-cut like options appropriate to cursor position or what had been selected. It's quicker and saves my brain trying to remember where things are.
  6. Thanks Walt. Yes, I did view the Tutorial which shows the TOC. Actually, with a bit more time it works fine now. I withdraw my criticism.
  7. Please add my vote for an import of legacy PPP documents. I have hundreds of PPP documents and, for testing, had to PDF export them from X7 and X9 and import into Affinity. Something is bound to get lost in translation.
  8. I've found that TOC won't get generated if your TOC text box is on the same page as my first box of text. Example: I create a box and type in some headings and body using Styles. Then, create a box for the TOC and follow the process. It reports no text found. However, if I move the body/headings text box to page2 and leave the TOC box on page1 then it works. Note; in the TOC Tab I look in 'All Text Frames' and scope is 'document'.
  9. I'm an ancient user of Serif products and, at last, decided to try-before-I-buy the Photo and Designer apps. Photo is great and I shall buy it, but I'm confused by Designer. It certainly has a fresh and pretty GUI, but some things seem to be less than ideal compared to DrawPlus. I note on the Forum the long-standing requests (and promises) for arrow head line styles. Old Serif DrawPlus had them so it's a surprising omission. Also, as a Visio user at work, another useful feature that seems to have gone are Connector lines and dimension tools. Why have they gone? Or are they tucked away 10 levels down? Many Companies/people want a Drawing package to produce artistic Flow diagrams and similar. I wanted to show Designer at work to demonstrate an alternative to Visio for business-type diagrams as I assumed it was going to be DrawPlus-Plus. Proper Connectors should behave just like connecting components on an electronics CAD and good old DrawPlus effectively did just that. Please bring them back. Or have I missed the method? (Yes, I saw another thread on how to make Connectors manually but that's slow compared to a 10 year old Serif Draw).