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  1. I'm now feeling slightly less unhappy having exported a ppp file as PDF and opened it in Publisher. I have been able to fully edit it including text and colour. However, it would be so much easier if I could just open a ppp file in Publisher without going through the rigmarole of exporting as PDF, considering the fact that I probably have in the region of 500 ppp files!
  2. To be able to import PagePlus files is a must for me. I have years of posters and similar produced for clubs I belong to and I don't always want to start from scratch but to be able to modify and adapt existing work. If I can't import my PagePlus files into Publisher then there is absolutely no point in me buying it! But how long am I going to be able to continue using PagePlus?
  3. Thanks for that. However, I am beginning to wonder why I spent the money buying Designer when PagePlus was happily doing everything I required! Ah well!!
  4. I have used PagePlus for many years and have a vast number of documents saved, some of which I need to update from time to time. Now, having purchased both Designer and Affinity Photo I find that I cannot open my PagePlus documents in Designer so have had to load the old PagePlus on to my new computer so that I can still work on the PP documents when needed. I find this very disappointing. I am probably on the wrong forum, but couldn't find anything relating to my problem!