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  1. Well, I'm hanging on CS5, which I managed to get to work in Sierra, In High Sierra it worked too, but crashed every time when quitting the program...
  2. I understand, that it's nice to have the UI split into 2 narrow sidepanels, as Lightroom does. And a big resource-panel is most times kind of in the way (I tried it with Indesign's on a smaller Screen - it's never broad enough) -> BUT ever since my main workhorse got an 27 inch next to its 24 Inch AppleCinemaDisplay all the panels went to the 24 Inch. Also: since I sometimes work in the wild using my tiny 13 non-retina macbook, I appreciate the minimized panel-approach of Indesign: one icon on screen and, if pressed (not expanded), overlap all the other panels on screen, and go ba
  3. Affinity should prioritize basic geometry import via IDML (aka textboxes, picture-boxes with absolutely correct measures, cmyk-color!) both on pages and master-pages wich should be "easy" and would serve us very well in reopening older documents as templates to reshape/refill them for the current job. and only then move its way up to the more complex tasks 2) textstyles with correct hierarchy and finally 3) content (text, linked images) and yes IMPORT is absolutely first. to EXPORT an indesign-file correctly so that your client/printshop/businesss-partner will not run in
  4. Yeah I thought I was missing something - but obviously there is no bleed preview option in this first beta...
  5. +1 for advanced Search and Replace / GREP as well as Styles based on it. (aka indesign GREP-styles) so powerful!
  6. +1 for the proxy-icon. It's important when working with a pro-filestructure in finder. The open/save-dialog is not the place to organize files. I also wondered if this may be a victim of compatibility btw win/mac/ios... Please be a good citizen in every system using the best techniques available - not the lowest denominator!
  7. <AFFINITY DESIGNER> But... they are not global? After defining my colors as global to easily adjust all objects accurately at once, selecting them in an gradient, they are no longer global for this gradientobject? wth? And why is there not an palette for this? I searched every bit od UI and help for the gradient-tool or palette...
  8. I'm on this affinity-waggon because their affirmation to release Publisher. To me it's the missing link to a complete DTP-suite, which should allow me to slowly ditch my still perpetual CreativeSuite License. Never gonna CC. Of course this means, I got a TON of INDD and linked AI-Files to bring over. I'm OK if they are converted, if done PRECISELY (Designer only reads the pdf-part of ai and has shifted some logo-colors slightly, obviously color management settings, don't know have to fix in AI or affinity-settings..that's not good.) As I read the specification of IDML thi
  9. of course it would be nice to change this behaviour in preferences for anyone, who has a more pro-like workflow. (look eg. for lightrooms destinationfolder options) To me it is logical that the application remembers an <input> and an <output> directory separately. - in classic macos-days this was the case as I remember (or was it the "defaultfolder"-haxie-extension...) - when the switch to OSX came, many Apps only remembered the last "used" folder which is simpler but for today's standards a very unintelligent behaviour.
  10. Yes, I'm using "grown-up" separated mode with my 27" + 24" apple display setup. Never tested it in "iPad-One-Full-Screen-Mode" And because I've switched immediately to light appearance -as one should- I expect to find more UI-holes... I wonder, if I can save the layout(s) of my panels like adobes "Workspaces" - but this should be the "Personas", right? Well I need more than 3...
  11. when I fast-key in numbers in the transform-panel the sequence should go: X <tab> Y <tab> Width <tab> Height. but instead it goes X, width, Y, height. Maybe this is only wrong in the german localized version, but this is basic... i mean, nobody has seen this yet? I bought Designer today holding on to Illustrator CS5 since 2010 and planning to entirely ditch CreativeSuite when Publisher is released/refined. "You are our only hope"
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