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  1. I might not have worded that as well as I meant to. AP and AD can do quite a lot and I use them both for pro work. They even do a number of things better then the Adobe Counterparts. However with Publisher I mostly see Serif desperately trying to play catch up competition that has been working in this field for over thirty years. Layout tools are at a stage where they are more about fine tuning the existing product rather then introducing lots of flashy new features. The fact it is they are behind on features in a mature field and that justifies Publisher being a lower price then it's competition. The other two Affinity products can justify a higher price point today with all the major advancements they have made since version 1.0. In fact I would welcome that so they could build up their staff and marketing.

  2. It's hard to tell how much influence my posts have. I made suggestions in the past that got implemented and sometimes they get brushed off. Like I said earlier today I applaud Serif for getting iPad versions out (and far ahead of when Adobe is supposedly scheduled to release their competitors) but I think they should have at least put out a minor feature update beta to AP/AD by this point. 

  3. It is a bit frustrating that Photo and Designer haven't received new features on Mac/Windows in the last year while working on a layout tool that in many ways is just trying to get caught up to the 2000s. I know they put out iPad versions which should be applauded but I am not an iPad user at the moment (and probably won't be one for a while.) For a company that has a lot of ground to cover a year of stagnation (not including the bug fixes) is a very unfortunate set back.

  4. Here are a couple of discoveries that pleasantly surprised me about Quark 2018. I  wasn't recently mentioning this to my typography instructor who has only used old versions of Quark. The page cloning feature is an amazing advancement over ID. Here is also the screen shot of the vertical bar and the OpenType typography tools. All of this is major advances over ID but I am not aware of anything other then tighter integration that Affinity can do. The main thing Quark should focus on is making third party plug-ins and they will be a good competitor to ID. Who knows how long it will take Affinity to do this.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.55.58 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 2.53.12 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 1.50.58 AM.png

  5. 1 hour ago, Guyon said:

    I am not sure you realize what a code nightmare that would be. Let alone the amount or resources it would take to keep it updated.  I am sure we are going to get a very nice product for the one time buy price,  What more could you ask for?

    I could ask or a lot more. I have been very happy with Quark 2018 innovations like the vertical measurements bar and the OpenType special characters panel and the larger interface for Retina Displays. The previews I have seem from Affinity are just doing things that other programs did decades ago for the most part. The important thing for Affinity to do is to bring basic layout functionality for Designer and Photo which are both fairly poor for doing simple one or two page layouts (this topic has been brought up in a previous forum if anyone wants to detail on it. Designer has important in that it replaced a lot of what a week competitor could do (Illustrator) but Publisher has several strong competitors.

  6. I just found out how to do clippings straight from within Quark:

    Quark FB group discussion about clipping

    Doing it this way might make the most sense since I would only have to use two apps in this workflow instead of three. I can do the basic editing in LR export, and clip in Quark rather then LR edit, Photoshop clipping path, and then import into Quark.

  7. Just now, walt.farrell said:

    I am not experienced enough to be sure I understand what you're doing, but have you checked to ensure that you have Document->Transparent Background enabled in Affinity Photo?

    Yes, that is enabled (I wasn't even aware of that option.) What I am trying to do is make it so the box around the object goes away. This way when you bring it into a layout app that box will not block the surrounding objects. As far as I can tell you need Photoshop to do this or you can do it straight within the layout tool. I tried doing it in ID once and wasn't very impressed with the result. Hopefully Quark can do this better.

  8. 12 hours ago, dutchshader said:

    ii could not get the clipping path to work in quark, but used the alfa channel.

    @dutchshader, What dialog box are you at in Quark? It looks like it is in German so I can't tell. I am not familiar with alpha channels in Quark.

    I just had a thought, I once heard that Quark has good drawing tools, can I use those tools to do the whole clipping path in Quark!? That would be really nice!

    @MikeW I made a clipping in Affinity so that I got the checkered background. When you say "delete the mask and remove the background" I don't understand that. Don't I need the mask to make the clipping work? I may be better for me to just use Photoshop for the time being (and maybe Quark for doing the clipping?)

  9. Ideally the way it should work (at least in Photoshop) is that the clipping should cut out the white or whatever background there is so that you can see other objects. I know how to cut out an object in Affinity so that I can see other objects below it in Affinity but the problem comes when I bring it into a layout app and expect the clipping to work there.

  10. I am trying to cut around an image and put into a layout program like I can do with Photoshop. Am I really not able to do this Affinity? When I exported it I said "save without background" but the white background still comes into Quark. Is there a way to do a clipping path like you can with Photoshop?

  11. With a movie I tend to want to know as little as possible but just enough to know if I am interested in seeing it. At this point with Publisher I haven't seen anything much that would compel me to get it since I already have both ID and Quark that do the same things. 


    Like I have pointed out extensively in other threads I feel that the development priority should be given to Photo and especially Designer. If you take the innovative features from those products and couple them with many of the catch up features we saw yesterday you would have an amazing competitor. Both products are still pretty mediocre at doing basic layouts (meaning one or two pages not books.) To see my thoughts on that see the other posts I made about a year ago on this.

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