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    Iulian Onofrei reacted to MaryAnne in iPad Pro 11" vs 12" - Tool Icon Size   
    Is it just me, or are the tool icons on the iPad smaller and/or harder to see with the latest update to Designer?  
    Is there a way to resize the icons on the iPad (I haven't been able to find it!)?
    I may be desperate enough to get the 12" iPad, if the icons were proportionately larger.  Does anyone know if the icons would be larger, or would the drawing space just be larger?  Anybody?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Iulian Onofrei reacted to Patrick Connor in Live Paint Bucket equivalent   
    @Iulian Onofrei
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums.
    It is very unlikely that anyone will go through the feature request post updating them if a feature is added to the software or the roadmap list, sorry.
    At the top of all threads there is a "follow" button (it may be at the bottom on mobiles). Also any thread that you post into is added to your interests, but having said that the Roadmap thread is an odd beast, in that the original post gets edited when items are added or removed. Editing a post does not notify the people who follow it. So that is not ideal. I will make sure that when the roadmap thread is edited, a new post is added to the bottom to say what was removed (when a feature is added in a patch) or added (if we add any more to the 1.x roadmap). That way there will be a record of the changes and a notification to the followers.
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