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  1. OMG! You are brilliant! I'm going to call the Pope right now and get you elevated to sainthood. Works perfectly. yippee, skippy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  2. I'd like to be able to switch between Designer Persona and Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer in Windows. Is there an existing keyboard shortcut available that I just haven't found? I currently have a keyboard shortcut to show/hide the toolbar . . . the toolbar takes up quite a bit of real estate on the screen if you don't switch personas much. I would like to be able to switch personas without having to call up the toolbar first, and then select a persona. HELP?!
  3. Hoping to see a new and improved brush management set in the next big release of Designer. I've used Illustrator for more years than I care to admit and have always found it useful to be able to easily pick up attributes from one line (or object) and apply it to another. And to see what brush I used in the first place.
  4. I'm new to Designer so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm having a hard time understanding the different type of vector brushes . . . pen, pencil, brush. The options to edit the makeup of the brushes is limited to a few options (i.e., pressure, width, size and opacity). When I go to pixel persona and select a brush or pen, the available options for editing a selected brush seem endless. Is there any way to develop a brush in pixel persona (or copy a brush) and use it as a vector brush? Any/all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance. edit: I should mention I'm working on the Windows version and have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 so I can take advantage of tilt and pressure, etc. for pens, pencils, and brushes.
  5. Thanks, all! And, TonyO -- thanks for that bit of information on the larger iPad icon size. Now I don't have to buy a larger iPad
  6. Is it just me, or are the tool icons on the iPad smaller and/or harder to see with the latest update to Designer? Is there a way to resize the icons on the iPad (I haven't been able to find it!)? I may be desperate enough to get the 12" iPad, if the icons were proportionately larger. Does anyone know if the icons would be larger, or would the drawing space just be larger? Anybody? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for the reply, Royk! I might be able to try out a 27" Cintiq in the coming weeks. Looking forward to it.
  8. I completely understand! Grab that iPad and get outside! Its not a romantic notion at all; it will be a great way to get away from your desk. And since the new device isn't going to be your main device, I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend the iPad. I'm sure some of my friends are dropping dead right now as that news spreads through the universe. The iPad is my first non-Windows computer (device?), so it was a bit different to get used to, but I was surprised how easy it was to figure out; most questions answered via a quick Google search and a YouTube video or two. The file system still does have me baffled. As you had mentioned, OneDrive seems the best way to transfer files back and forth. There is a fun-factor to the iPad that the Surface Pro just doesn't have. Maybe its the fact that the iPad is so completely different from my "work" machine? A Cintiq 27 . . . how cool is that?! How do you like it? I've never had the opportunity to try one. I've read where some of the Cintiqs have fan noise that can be a bid loud. Do you find that the case? How about the GTX1070 . . . is it very noisy? As you can see, I'm sensitive to a noisy machine. Happy drawing!
  9. So they're asking that your images be exported as PDF? Usually the images would be placed (as CMYK) in the document, and then the document would be exported as a PDF. The exported PDF file would then contain the images. What software is being used to produce the document (text)?
  10. Hi Royk - I've used Adobe Illustrator for over 20 years for basic graphic design layout. My last Illustrator upgrade was the release of CS6, so I'm not familiar with any of the *new* features of anything past that. My preferred method for working with Illustrator is a 28" monitor, a keyboard, and a small Wacom tablet. I've recently purchased Affinity Designer and would say that it will do everything I've ever done with Illustrator. I have it on a Surface Pro 6 AND on an iPad Pro. Not the 12", but the next size down. In general: Surface Pro: you can use keyboard shortcuts! Of course if you take the keyboard off the Surface Pro, that's gone If you want, you can hook up the Surface Pro to a larger monitor. The drawing space is pretty good sized, and you can hide all the tools and just draw. But then, you either have to call up all the tools again to change colors, or have a keyboard (there's the keyboard again!) shortcut to make a particular tool reappear. And this is why I've got my Surface Pro hooked up to a larger monitor and a keyboard. The new Surface Pro 6 pen is really nice to draw with. It has a nice feel against the glass (I've since purchased a second one for my Surface Pro 3). iPad: the drawing area is quite large because of the icon-based tools. And there is a *?* at the lower right hand corner of the screen that, when pressed, will display a small description of ALL the tools. Very handy. Many of the drawing options rely on hand gestures. For example, two fingers down and, using the pen, click on something. That's great if you've got the iPad sitting on something. If you've got it on your lap and are holding it with one hand, all of a sudden you've got a balancing act going on. The iPad pen is also really nice to draw with. It feels good against the surface. There are differences between the two platforms, and it can be a bit fussy when moving between the two. Since the 1.7 upgrade, it seems the icons have gotten smaller and darker. Maybe its just me? Since I'm retired now and don't have reason to "finish" anything for a client, I don't know what sort of capabilities there are for exporting/printing, etc. a file from Designer. I do know that the current file system for the iPad would drive me to the madhouse is a short period of time. I think if you do need to go back and forth between the two that OneDrive would be your best bet. Easy to access from a Windows machine, and the iPad's very limited filing system. The newest OS from Apple is supposed to address an improved file system in the future. We can only hope. Personally, if I had to run my business solely using an iPad Pro, I'd have to think twice. It is a powerful little tablet, but I think the screen size would eventually wear on me. I'm a happy camper with dual 4K monitors, so you may wish to take my comment with a grain of salt However, the iPad is a whole lot of fun to draw with; I'm having fun with it. And it is lightweight. And now that I've completely confused the issue, I'll sign off . . .
  11. Well, oh my goodness, Aammppaa, you are pretty much genius material! Works perfectly. Thank you so much! yippy skippy!
  12. Thank you for the kind welcome, Aammppaa! My Preferences panel only shows Resets
  13. Hi all - I'm new to Designer having used Illustrator for many years. I think the bottom-line question I have is: Can I assign a short-cut key to a Studio? I've looked through all the options on the short-cut keys and didn't find that option, but maybe its there and I just can't see it? Here is my problem: I have a dual monitor setup. Designer is open on my second monitor, and I've made a second view of my drawing and placed it on my Surface Pro so I can draw directly on the surface pro (close up) and see the overall image on the larger monitor. I have pulled the color wheel palette down to the Surface Pro in order to have quicker access to the color wheel while drawing. Each time I select a color and then start drawing, the color wheel palette disappears behind the art board on the surface pro. The only way to get the color wheel palette back is to reduce the size of the art board and drag the palette back up. OR short-cut CTRL+SHIFT+H to hide all the studios and then the same thing to call them all back which does put the color wheel palette back on top of my drawing. I thought perhaps it had something to do with the art board on the surface pro being a "second view" so I put that art board back on the large monitor and pulled the original art board down to the surface pro. Same problem. The color wheel palette stays put on the main monitor, but I still have to grab my mouse, select the color, let go of the mouse and then return to draw with my surface pen. I thought maybe "floating" the color wheel palette would help, but it didn't. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  14. Is there a way to customize the tools in Designer on the iPad? There are a few things I doubt I'll be using and I'd like to just remove them. I believe customization can be done on the Windows version, and I'm hoping it can also be done on the iPad version. Thanks in advance.
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