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  1. Im sending out some some posters in the next week as promotional items to go with this I have created an A4 vertical folded brochure, with an eye catching front illustration and a brief internal portfolio.


    I'm set on the layout (wording is WIP) just waned to get any thoughts or comments, is the font illustration too yucky? I did have a more simple ice cream illustration on my last version but I (and my daughter) felt it was too boring and not really my true illustration style...which I think the new one is.



  2. Not really a request or question but maybe a point to put in literature you produce. 


    I have just created a 6000mm wall infographic for a client, client request 100% dimensioned vector artwork for in-house printing which was all good in Affinity Designer.

    However on export to PDF discovered that Acrobat is incapable of viewing artwork over 5000mm and all PDFs open blank.

    I was aware the illustrator and InDesign have maximum artboard dimension of around 5000mm, but had so scale export artwork down for client for PDF proofing.

  3. Im creating print artwork for 10 large format signs, all artboards are duplicated artwork with only a site name difference.


    On export to PDF and checking I noticed that a letter or two within the a lines move position a slight amount. it looks like a kerning change but they are the same settings?


    The signs wont be seen together but I cant figure out whats happening. Can I sent this in to have quick look at? (Id rather keep it off google)


  4. Master pages would be helpful although I suspect its a feature more likely to be in Publisher (as per Indesign).

    Which if is the case you would set your artboards/pages in Publisher then open the project in Designer to implement more creative artwork then back into Publisher for heavy copy.


    If Im correct this ability to open native artwork directly in the app suited for exact tasks is what will make Affinity a real master of all trades.

  5. I'm having trouble scaling lines within groups, for example I have an object within a group with a line width of 4pt when scaling down a larger artwork this element/line retains its line width. 


    I have isolated objects and checked scale with artwork options and even tried selecting all from the wire frame view, but still have random lines that don't want to scale, leaving me to edit lines individually each time?


    When starting new work I know to click the individual scale options on lines, however when working on a detailed piece of artwork I don't always think to click this and cant find a way of applying this option to every line quickly. (Example uploaded see pocket)





  6. Thanks all, I'll try to share as much as I can. Jeki, I use textures (sometimes), so import some on a layer, mask it using shape you want to add the texture to (that's why it's so easy to add textures to vector pics). And then adjust the kind of blend (overlay, soft light etc) for the effect you want to  achieve. I actually like it subtle.


    For instance I used one on the next pic - which is a Affinity forum exclusive!



    thanks again



    Excellent piece, really like it :)

  7. I'm importing the Affinity PDF to an Illustrator file then adding the bleed to the illustrator file, then if you move the artwork to -3mm each way into the new bleed area images which are in boxes all move?

    I cant post the file as its 140mb? This doesn't happen with simple shapes or text,  just when images are masked in shapes or items that I hung off the page in Affinity for bleed are (I guess) masked by Affinities bleed on export.

  8. I'm just using Designers default export for print but with bleed on, but no markings.


    As a work around perhaps I could oversize the Affinity doc by 6mm on the X&Ys, then it would not carry bleed information with it? 

    I'm sure its something very clever happening for printers to make use of, but would be great if I could just export and move on page without the images shifting.

  9. Hi Dustin,


    and welcome here …  :)


    If you mean by “not aligned” something like in my illustration below (red arrow), simply choose Text > Show Typography and change the figure style from Default to Lining (green arrow).


    Does that help?  :)




    Wow was not aware that was in Designer, great tip for my day, thanks.

    Still its frustrating to have to fix numbered copy made with Raleway.

  10. Morning, Sorry adding to the question pile, but Ive made a full transition to Designer this year with ALL client virgin artwork created in Affinity. so need to nail a few working practices.


    Im handing over an A5 flyer to a client who want the illustrator files, so I exported as PDF to preserve the copy. However when I open the PDF into illustrator and add 3mm bleeds, the imagery shifts within its frames when moved outside the permitters of the artboard. Is there a way around this?



  11. I'm creating some signage today and would like to make these in Designer, however I cant figure out how to make my cutter guides/shapes and fold lines as a spot colour, so the printer can see its not CYMK for production.

    Generally I make these in illustrator and mark the layer **Do Not Print** for the printers attention. So my question is can spot colour be done in Designer at the moment?

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