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  1. Ah thank you, that might be the problem. I am always surprised I get the message that they are imported. I'll go to designer for painting hair :).
  2. Hello, If I import brushes in Affinity photo, I get a message that they are imported, but I can find them nowhere. So I do it again. I get the message that my brushes are imported in Fur and hair 4. But I all 4 I can't find. Anybody an idea? I remember having this problem before in Affinity photo. But not in Affinity Designer.
  3. Allright Dan, thank you very much for looking into this problem. I will do as you and mikerofoto mentioned.
  4. A few files I converted to 8-bit, I will look into the snapshot you mentioned to see what kind of difference it will make. Thank you!
  5. I deleted almost every file this afternoon. I found a backup of the file later so I've sent twice some files to your link. Thank you!
  6. My hard drive is full fuller fullest. I look wat the problems are, it seems to be files from Affinity photo with almost 500MB per file. So I look into the files and do some simple tests. A raw file, I open with Affinity, I develop in plain Serif, so nothing happens, and I save the file. Look at the size!!! No wonder my hard drive is full, fuller fullest!
  7. If I import brushes in Designer they don't appear. I get a message that they are imported successfully but I can't find them anywhere.. Well ask and you'll find anything even before anybody can answer.. This topic can be deleted..
  8. That's very handy too, but mostly I was also so quick that I already closed the file.. I now remember to open a recent file, but I don't save document history in an attempt to save available memory. But thanks for your tip:)
  9. To my knowledge Affinity saves files at the last location. I would really find it very helpful if Affinity would save a file at the location where from the raw file is openend, because now I never can find back where Affinity left my file.. :P
  10. I noticed recently the huge affinity files. I deleted them, often between 200 and 300 MB. Never saved history. Now I just keep the raw. This is only the case in editing a raw file, so now I devolop raw. Export the first edit as an tiff. Close the raw devolopment without saving and make further edits on the tiff file. I am not experienced and knowingly enough to know wether with this space-saving action, I might loose some information? Anyhow, it seems to go well this way.
  11. I love the tutorials and always do what is told with the video, I take a screen take and use that to apply.. Works mostly sufficient, but.. in a video as today the screentake is to blurry to have aliasing edges. So I wonder, is it possible to download that file somewhere for a better quality in doing the practice? Overal, thank you very much for these videos, I watch them reguarly over and over again. Nice voice and way of talking too.
  12. I'm out of likes.. (spent my daily quote), but thanks very much:)
  13. Although watched a lot of tutorials and doing what is done in the video step by step, these video's are very welcome. Some real basic things I now see in your video's.. before often wondering why something went wrong one time, and good another.. This is a wonderful learning way for me. Thank you, seeing out for the next ones:)
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