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  1. Thank you Chris. Understood. Unfortunatelly the previous behavior maked way more sense (even being non-standardised to other formats) as when I wanted to export a PDF file it was always multipage document in usually two formats, one for print and one for web (preview). So I had a way how to do all that at once together with exporting the particular assets. Usual case was a design manual, where I've exported all with one click in Export Persona. Now I have to Save a Copy once for print, and select a particular Template (that I need to remember to select) and twice for the web version. And then go to Export Persona to export assets. So compared to previous behavior, the workload is significantly higher. And for the uncommon need of exporting all artboards on a single PDF, I could always create a big manual slice for that purpose. Just thinking loud.
  2. To add more info: It relates to the "complete file" item in the exported slices list. That should create several PDFs as per number of Artboards, with cutting marks etc.
  3. Hello. Does anyone have a problem with the recently updated Designer, that causes PDFs to be exported as one single page, instead of multiple pages? I'm on Mac and my customer on Windows and we both have same issue. The workaround is Save As Copy, but it's not ideal as I had presets in Export Persona per file. This applies to any file, created in the new version or previous versions, so I belive it is not related to the file, but to the recent update. I have Affinity Designer 1.6.1 on mac and my customer something like 1.6.4 or so. Thx for help!
  4. That's what I thought. But whenever I open an existing file, the history list is empty, while the filesize grows. In my case a multi page brochure has some hundreds of MBs so nothing crazy compared to Adobe SW. But still, Affinity aims higher :-)
  5. The issue is on both my Mac version, and my customers' Windows version of Affinity Designer.
  6. Hello, I'd like to ask if there's a solution to stop/avoid growing of files that I edit or change. It seems that working on a file simply grows it's size over time and there's no clear solution to keep it small. Originally I thought it's the saving of the full history in the file. But when I open recently edited files in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, it has no prior history stored in it. Anybody has an idea? Thx! Btw. backup solution that I have is to open a new file and paste all content from the old file to the new one. But that's killing export settings and you need to think of setting bleed correctly etc.

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