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  1. Hello RyanH99 First of all Welcome to this forum... You do not see the Persona buttons YET because if you open a RAW file you start in the Develop Persona. There are two buttons in the upper left of your screen. Just press Develop to get your first image in the Photo persona.
  2. I'll send you one... Nikon D750 RAW. And yes Nikon RAW images (.NEF extension) always show up in 300 DPI when developped. dsc_2505.nef
  3. Hello Big_Stan, In this particular case I suggest you try the Selection Brsh tool. With a large Brush for the large green background parts and a small or even smaller brush for the small green background part. IMHO that is a better approach then un-selection a large amount of parts of the image as you did show in the first post...
  4. Did you happen to specify Refine Selection, Feather? This will cause a selection to 'fade' on the border.
  5. Just checked further. Since you talk about 'Tolerance' I now assume you use the Flood Selection tool. Did you have the 'Contigous' option checked or not?
  6. Question: you use the color picker tool first and I just assume you select some part of the green background. And then? The color picker tool does not select anything. Which selection tool did you use?
  7. In other words and to keep it simple. Hello Serif Ltd, is there a way to change this default from 96 to 300? Hope to hear.
  8. The lesson you refer to is Lesson 1 of Chapter 11. It uses 'only' three images (jpg, 144 kb each). This procedure takes no longer then nine seconds and the Tone Mapping Persona shows up (on my system that is).
  9. Plz have a look. All I did (in a few minutes )was adding a Curve adjustment. There are undoubtedly other ways to do this... Photo more blue.afphoto
  10. Okay, next question Walt. In regedit: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Affinity.Photo\shell\open\command, what does it show? This should be:
  11. Hello geribook, First of all welcome to this form. And what exactly is your question ???
  12. I think I found something. Once a marquee selection has been 'smoothed' like you show it cannot be changed back (un-smoothed so to say). Just making a new marquee selection worked for me...
  13. Then.. Goto Main Menu, Select, Smooth and set radius to zero.
  14. Hello dsibley, Welcome to this forum in the firts place... From what I read this is not an Affinity Photo issue but a question about 'how to copy my raw images from my camera to my windows 10 computer'. Is my assumption correct? You have two options to transfer your photo images from your camera to your computer: 1) use an USB cable to connect your camera to your computer. Windows should 'show' your camera in the File Explorer, 2) Put the memory card of your camera in your computer (if you have a card reader). Windows should 'show' your memory card in the File Explorer,
  15. Personnaly I am not aware of any Affinity Photo hot key prosessing to activate a colour picker. Did you have a look at Task Manager, Processes, to check if there is a 'strange'' process there that might be the cause?
  16. Hmm. A century ago I did assembly programming on an IBM mainframe. Will take some time to get used to that again 🙂
  17. Hello Rudy, You say the Libary selection under Menu, View, Studio is grey? Can you check and confirm that please. All panel items in that list have a checkmark before them or not. But they are not greyed out. In any case not in my AP (1.8.5) in Windows 10.
  18. Hello Rudy, Where did you get the 'Force Macro Oack No. 1'' macro pack? Just did some googling but could not find it.
  19. Good idea Lukas, And I suggest you place this request in the subforum Feature Requests & Suggestions
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